This offer is definitely for you if you live in Peshawar Chakwal. Jazz Peshawar Haftawar offers you 10 GB of data. Now stay connected to your loved ones with this offer for a week. The data not only to subscribe to this offer, but users will also receive 75 free minutes to other networks Jazz TV free for Peshawar & Chakwal Customers. Each prepaid user wants to browse the fastest 4G internet bargains. That is why Jazz knows about what the user needs. Given this need, he is the perfect bundle to launch the residential area of Peshawar and Chakwal.

Pakistan’s top telecom carrier company provides excellent Jazz calls, SMS, and Web programs to more than 50 million users in 20 years. Jazz has integrated technology and maintains the beauty of your presentations using current strategy. This bundle faster browsing and uploading service offers data available in large numbers with the easy call because you bring excessive Internet, chat, video call, search information and worry all the social media sites Available for free search. However, this offer is only available to prepaid customers Jazz.


Jazz Peshawar & Chakwal Haftawar Offer

Jazz, Pakistan’s fastest network, brings you an amazing offer for all inhabitants of Peshawar and Chakwal. Now, in Peshawar, Chakwal, users can just in PKR 150 10 GB of data, the network 75 minutes, and free jazz TV.

How to Subscribe to Jazz  Peshawar Chakwal Offer?

  • Just Dial *109# from your phone to Activate the Jazz Peshawar Chakwal Offer.
  • Offer Information: 10 GB internet Data + 75 call Minutes for all networks + Unlimited Free Tv 
  • Charges: Rs.150 (Incl. Tax) Recharge Required Rs.165
  • Validity: Weekly
Package Name Jazz Peshawar & Chakwal Haftawar Offer
Price Rs.150 (Incl. Tax)
inactive 10GB internet + 75 call Mins+ free Unlimited TV
Validity 07
How you can Active Dial *109#

How to Get Free TV on Peshwar Chakwal Offer?

You can subscribe by dialing * 109 # and jazz Peshawar Haftawar offer TV Access * will be active for 7 days by dialing # 2299. Peshawar will be used data from Haftawar but will not offer additional subscription charges for Jazz TV.
Jazz TV has more than 50 TV channels with PSL cricket streaming. In addition, you can enjoy 400+ titles of popular channels and 5000+ hours of TV OD. The PSL stream will only be available when matches are being played. Plus, you can take advantage of these exciting features once you subscribe.
1. Round live TV for 7 days so you can bring your favorite pieces to life from a show.
2. Record and share your favorite content.
3. Image in image mode, so you can scroll while watching your favorite program.
4. On-screen controls for a better experience.

How to Check Remaining MB Mins?

If you want to check your remaining MB & Mins Simply Just Dial *109*2# or you can install Jazz world application from the play store.

Jazz Peshwar Chakwal Offer Unsubscribe code

unfortunately not available any code to unsub this offer. bust you install the jazz world app and unsubscribe any bundle.
Other Weekly Packages
Package Name  Volume Charges  Validity How To Subscribe
Jazz Weekly Apna Shehar Package 10 GB Internet For Sindh
10 GB Internet For Punjab
RS 100 (Incl. Tax)
Rs.250 (Incl. Tax)
7 Days Subscribe
Jazz Weekly Easy Card 2GB Internet Data RS 120 (Incl. Tax) 7 Days Subscribe
Jazz Hybrid Package 1 GB Data Internet RS 120 (Incl. Tax) 7 Days Subscribe
Jazz Weekly Super Card  3GB Internet Data RS 199 (Incl. Tax) 7 Days Subscribe
Jazz Weekly Night Internet Packge 25 GB Internet Data RS 75 (Incl. Tax) 7 Days Subscribe
Jazz Mega Plus Weekly Package 24 GB Internet Data RS.267  (Incl. Tax)
7 Days Subscribe
Jazz Weekly Weekly Super Max Package 30 GB Internet Data RS 299 (Incl. Tax) 7 Days Subscribe
Jazz Weekly Super Duper Package 3 GB Data Internet RS 210 (Incl. Tax) 7 Days Subscribe
Jazz Mega Weekly Package 7GB Internet Data RS 213 (Incl. Tax) 7 Days Subscribe
Jazz Weekly Weekly Premium Package 4 GB Internet Data RS 169 (Incl. Tax) 7 Days Subscribe

Jazz Weekly WhatsApp Package 5GB Data For WhatsApp RS.88.7 (Incl. Tax) 7 Days Subscribe
Jazz Weekly Tik Tok Package 10 GB Internet Data For Tik Tok RS 95 (Incl. Tax) 7 Days Subscribe
Jazz Youtube Weekly Package 5 GB Data Internet For Youtube RS 89 (Incl. Tax) 7 Days Subscribe
Jazz Weekly Facebook
5GB Internet Data RS 70 (Incl. Tax) 7 Days Subscribe
Jazz Weekly Social Media Internet Package 5 GB Internet Data RS 75 (Incl. Tax) 7 Days Subscribe
  • Terms and conditions apply to the Jazz Peshwar Chakwal Offer.
  • Peshwar Chakwal Limited time offer, it is subject to change at any time.
  • Upon subscribing to the offer, the customer will receive 10 GB of data.
  • Data usage on Jazz TV is not free and the data will be used within the bundle MB.
  • The bundle will not auto-subscribe and will need to be re-subscribed when it expires.
  • To check the remaining MB and accuracy, dial the bundle status code.
  • Internet offerings can be subscribed and used in areas with 2G / 3G / 4G networks.
  • Bundled minutes / MB will be usable 24 hours (no time limit).
  • This offer is valid for use in Peshawar and Chakwal Customers only.
  • Offer Multiple subscriptions are allowed.
  • Call setup does not apply to the fee offer.
  • Consumers will be informed about the use of MB through bundled information alerts.
  • If a user uses all allocated MBs, they will be charged their bundle over the rate of 1 / MB while bundle authentication is still in force. If the bundle has expired and the customer does not have any other data bundle subscribed, the user will be charged at a base rate i.e. PKR 3.6 / MB.
  • Users can subscribe to regular daily, weekly, and monthly packages with application billing options.
  • Upon re-subscription of Peshawar Weekly Offer, bundle benefits will be added and the latest verification will apply. However, users will need to dial * 2299 # to extend their free Jazz TV trial to the latest.
  • Existing Jazz TV streams will apply to all non-bundled users.
  • If an existing Jazz TV Sat makes a wise customer offer, it will be the end of their current paid daily / weekly / monthly subscription to Jazz TV and will inform the user that the subscription is free. However, the data will be used from Peshawar Haftawar Bundle. After the expiration of the weekly Mega Plus, the user will be able to use the remaining authenticity from his previously paid subscription to Jazz TV.
  • If a user Peshawar weekly and actively bundled user and app billing page to select daily bundle for Jazz TV will be removed from all packages that will be notified and will only subscribe daily. Package
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