How to unlock Jazz digit 4G:

The Advanced and latest technology of the Mini Android smartphone has been launched by mobilizing for all Jazz users in just rupees 1799 only. This latest technology is now available in our country Pakistan. Due to its incredible features, it is now becoming very popular everywhere in our country. It is very cheap all over Pakistan due to its high functions. Its use has increased a lot all over the areas because people’s tendency towards it has increased a lot. People are now gathering all kinds of information related to movies, Dramas, games, and study, etc, even less than 2000 rupees.


Jazz digit 4G unlock- fashing method:

Before going to use or taking advantage of it, you have to first install it.

1- Download and install – MTK USB MOBILE DRIVER.

2- Download and install – MIRACLE BOX.

  • Once you installed it then you can start flashing setup. You can do it only by taking the help of download stuff.
  • MTK USB MOBILE DRIVER is installed.
  • Then open the supported box (also called dongle setup) or (miracle box).
  • Here choose your mobile CPU type. (here a lot of information or details are mentioned at the bottom).
  • Select your flash file.
  • After selecting you to have to turn off Jazz digit 4G.
  • Then remove the battery of your mobile.
  • Here connect your mobile phone with a PC via a USB device.
  • Then insert your battery again into your mobile phone.
  • Click the option (flash).
  • This requirewaitingit for few minutes.
  • When all these criteria will complete then remove your USB cable.
  • Again turn on your mobile phone.
  • Here you can do or enjoy every type of fun related to everything with the help of a network sim card on your mobile phone.


Why we need to unlock Sim:

This cheap invention has launched by Mobilink Jazz. So users can only enjoy the Mobilink sim card by Jazz digit 4G. So we have mentioned the download links and names of applications here you can follow these steps and get full advantages.


Complete  information of Jazz digit 4G:

  • Mobile company- Mobilink Jazz
  • Mobile name- Jazz digit 4G
  • Model- Digit 4G kaios
  • CPU- MT6580
  • Language- Multi


Jazz digit 4G classic all sim unlock file 100% tested:

 This Mini mobile phone with several features is not becoming valuable mobile. It has KiOS operating system. It has the following features as WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, and the play store (200+apps).  This is dual SIM mobile and has connectivity options like Bluetooth WLAL (wifi) etc.


Scatter file information:

  • *Created by Infinity-Box (c) 19. 
  • *Chinese miracle 2- Media  Tek service module. 
  • *Device info file- Android info-txt. 
  • *Patch level- KOT49H. 
  • *Display ID- M4 2421DG-SW18. 
  • *Ver. Release- 4.4.2
  • *Ver. Code name- REL. 
  • *Build time- 1599102754.
  • *Product model- Digit 4G.
  • *Product brand- Digit. 
  • *Product market- Alps. 
  • *Broad platform- MT 6739.
  • *Product info- Digit 4G.
  • *Preloader- Fise6731-kaie-s-e-k.bin (106KB).


How can we flash the Downgrade file before Network unlocking:

  • First of all, download all the required files and extract all material on your PC. 
  • Install media-Tek and mobile phone USB drivers. 
  • Click to open SP Flash Tool, and download TAB, select download agent, and spread the file. 
  • After spreading and loading, then you have to move to uncheck the preloader partition. 
  • At last, press the download button, turn off or switch off the mobile phone and click ‘0’ and insert a USB cable into a mobile phone. The flashing process will initiate, so it’s a warning do not to disconnect your mobile phone during the flash. 
  • When the flash completes, then the SMS of OK will show on your mobile phone and then you can disconnect your mobile phone to PC. 


How can we block the network by using Fastboot files:

1- First of all, install fastboot USB drivers on your PC and then quickly switched off the mobile phone. 

2- Click and hold the # and power button until your mobile phone will go into fastboot, then quickly select the fastboot option. You can do this task by clicking on the given button.

3- Here you have to connect your mobile phone with a computer via USB and quickly unlock the file. 

4- Immediately paste the Hardware ID into the keygen file, now within this file enter your biodata and press generate button. Your registration key will be ready, now paste this key into unlocking the file. 

5- At this point, your unlock process will be started. So press the # button and wait until your device completely unlocks. Once this is completed, your mobile phone will reboot automatically. 

This method will 100% work if you have an advanced software version. You can downgrade to a lower version by the SP flash tool. All these instructions are essential for the proper working of this network. 

The use of these super speed 4G technologies or items in this modern time has made our lives much easier. If we compare the present time with the past, there were no such facilities available. Over time, this mobile phone is becoming more and more popular with a wide variety of features. So download the advanced flash file for Jazz digit 4G. This is suitable for all sims networks.



Fastboot unlock file:

Jazz digit 4G with all advanced or latest features or versions/unlock/fastboot problems fix file auto-update fix and relock fix. 

First flash to this file with CM2 and then flash again Jazz digit 4Gunlock with avengers box/fastboot file free to install or download. When you will unlock, all sims will work 100%.


Jazz digit 4g unlock all sim files Download:

Many other sites provide Jazz digit 4G unlock fix for all sims free download. But the major issue is that these files did not save, which means to say that these files are not virus-free. These files contain too many viruses. This can easily transmit to your mobile phone. It may alter the malfunctions of your mobile phone. Here we provide virus-free files, you can download them without any discomfort. 

In today’s discussion, I have tried to tell you that about the latest and advanced versions of 2020 of Jazz digit 4G unlock fix for all sim networks free download. 

Also, I told you that how can we use it to make our work easier and present it to others. In this era, if we have such simple and reliable things, we can make our work much more useful. For this Jazz announced such a wonderful and splendid inventions. I hope you like what I have to say regarding this post, you can share it with your family members, friends, and other persons. 




I will be glad that if this statement of mine has made your job easier, then the time that I have spent on this statement will not be wasted. If you have any ambiguity regarding this file you can easily visit our sites for better learning thanks.

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