Jazz Daily Extreme Package Details


Jazz Daily Extreme Package Jazz Company says that the Best offer for Night internet users is a good jazz package for your customer. Jazz Daily Extreme packages include Jazz Daily Internet packages. Jazz Daily Xtreme is an extremely low price offer and one of the easiest Jazz Daily internet packages. The Jazz has announced amazing extreme package for you. Daily and passionate jazz Xtreme package is definitely offered. A bundle because you can use the whole night without any limits to 2 GB of data that is not easily removed. Make your night time entertainment with jazz. 


Jazz daily Daily Extreme Package

The Jazz extreme package price is Rs. 15 (Incl. Tax) to get you a daily Jazz load of Rs.17. Jazz daily extreme package offers you 2 GB (2000) MBs of jazz free mobile internet data from a jazz company. Jazz can use the daily extreme package on a daily basis. Daily jazz extreme package has been used up to timing (12 AM-12 PM) but jazz company has validated it for 24 hours. 


How to Subscribe Jazz Extreme Package

To subscribe to Jazz Daily Internet Package you need to dial Jazz Jazz Daily Extreme Package subscription code * 757 #. If you dial this code, you will be able to activate your Jazz package from(12AM to 12PM).
Package Information
You can get 2GB internet data
24 Hours.
After subscribing to Jazz’s daily internet package, you will need to dial Jazz Daily Extreme Package Information Code * 757 * 3 # to get the best information you forgot. If you want to dial this code on your mobile screen, Jazz Company will tell you all the information about Jazz Extreme on a daily basis.
Jazz Extreme Daily Package
Rs.15 (Incl. Tax)
2 GB data
 1 Day
Dial *757#

How to Check Daily Extreme Remaining Data ?

Extreme use of Jazz’s daily internet package. If you want to check the remaining of your Internet MB, you need to dial the check code * 757 * 2 #, the status of Jazz Daily Extreme Package.
Terms and Conditions
  • Terms and Conditions will be apply on Jazz daily Daily Extreme Package
  • Extreme daily package only for Jazz prepaid customers
  • You can use the daily Jazz Extreme package until (12 AM-12PM).
  • To subscribe to your Jazz package, subscribe to code * 757 #.
  • Jazz’s daily extreme package is irreparable, meaning you can’t subscribe automatically.
  • The Jazz Daily Xtreme package allows you to use Jazz 2G / 3G / 4G on any network.
  • The Jazz Daily Xtreme package allows you to use MBAs up to 12 AM-12PM.
  • Once you subscribe, you can subscribe to Jazz’s daily extreme package.
  • This offer is for a limited time.
  • To check the remaining MB and accuracy, dial Jazz Daily Extreme Package, any status check code or other information code to get Rs. 0.06 from us.
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