international ngos in pakistan Non Governmental Organization (NGO) are usually unprofitable and works autonomously of a government (Administration/Authority). These organizations can be regional/local, nationwide, or worldwide. In 1945 NGOs appeared in to usage. To differentiate these organizations from governmental organizations, the phrase was invented during the summits of The UN. Non Governmental Organizations recognized later in 1945.


Usually resources of income for NGO’s are donations/endowments, support contributions from individual and multiparty groups, affiliation fees and other diverse resources. These groups provides vital services such as medicinal care, eco-friendly education, support and protects human rights.


While during late 20th era, some governments/authorities have responded to the rising power and impact of non governmental organizations by blaming them of being unconstitutional and answerable only to those agencies/individuals which deliver financial support. More governments/administrations have struggled to prohibit several NGO’s (Non Governmental Organization) from contributing in worldwide decision-making conferences. In Spite Of these obstacles, NGO’s prolong to contend a vital role in expanding global standards and guidelines on a broad variety of multinational concerns.


Different local/regional foundations are running day and night to offer community wellbeing in all segments but the significance of transnational NGO’s can never be overlooked as the jumbo project’s proposals are constantly taken with transnational financial support. So, Following are some of the intercontinental NGO’s (Non Governmental Organization) which are operating in our beloved country Pakistan for the advancement of humanity:

international ngos in pakistan List 

1.UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund)


After the World War II, The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) was inaugurated on 11th of December, 1946 and it is one of the top 6 transnational NGOs in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This scheme operated underneath UN’s administration/management which concentrates on delivering principally charitable and support to infants and their moms in improving and under-established nations. UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) headquarter (HQ) is centered in Geneva (New York City) and the major donation be dependent on administration and confidential contributors/supporters.

In Islamic Republic of Pakistan, UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) takes the responsibility to meet up the requirements of communities in the flood shaken zones. UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) field attendance has been boosted through the formation of alternative field workplaces in Multan, Sukkur and Hyderabad. Which is assisted by instantaneous relocation of force from Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore, to broaden UNICEF’s reach into the extremely distressed zones, curtail travel period and permit UNICEF force to be nearer to the shaken inhabitants. The foremost involvement of an organization is discovered in health/wellbeing and nourishment division, vaccination, polio elimination, education/instruction, child safeguard, water sanitation plus a key caring essential services are stimulated in all concerned zones of Pakistan.


2.BSF (Bilqees Sarwar Foundation)


To support the wellbeing of humanity all over the globe, it was established in 2005. A non-profit institute whose head office are built in Dubai. BSF (Bilqees Sarwar Foundation) key interests are centered in health care, learning/education and charitable assistances. The corporation is majorly delivering calamity support supplies in Pakistan, Nepal, Syria and many other nations where the necessity of such aids are mandatory.  Mrs. Bilqees Sarwar (The Chairperson of BSF) remarked during the opening ceremony convened at the Bilqees Sarwar Hospital as follows,
“I desire to look at my children shining in their disciplines and my ambition is to set up a health care facility with transnational facilities. We are magnificently stepping in the appropriate direction for attaining our goals”
BSF (Bilqees Sarwar Foundation) in cooperation with many corporations delivered charitable relief goods at numerous times. in Lahore (Pakistan) BSF (Bilqees Sarwar Foundation) awarded more than seventy thousand dollars subsidies to pupils between the age of 3-18. on 22nd of September 2015, in the health care segment there was an introduction of Bilqees Sarwar Hospital (the Punjab’s leading free dialysis complex) with extremely competent surgeons and apparatus. Furthermore, BSF is enlarging its lines to assist the local society and to develop the humanity on uniformity and accessible services at stages.

3.USAID (United States Agency for International Development)


It was established on 3rd of November 1961 and it’s head office is located in Washington D.C. The US agency which is principally accountable for managing civilian overseas assistance. This agency is majorly financed by Americans with the yearly accounting of 27.2 billion dollars. The USAID is assisting families for the wellbeing of humanity in twenty five different countries involving Pakistan, South Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq etc.
The US citizens via USAID, has granted Pakistan nearly $7.7 billion of financing. Pakistan endures one of America’s biggest receivers of overseas aid, an indication of our prolonged collaboration and dedication. USAID (United States Agency for International Development) is civilizing lives of people by donating in divisions of health/wellbeing, education/learning, financial development, energy resources and charitable schemes and these schemes support Pakistani citizens to fashion a steady and wealthy state.

4.The Fred Hollows Foundation


Fred Hollows (an eye surgeon) on 3rd of September 1992, began at work on the wellbeing of citizens in delivering medication for eyesight difficulties and avoiding from blindness beneath The Fred Hollows Foundation. This non-profit association originally started operating from Australia (Sydney) and the organization enlarged their services in providing medications in other twenty five states like Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Nepal and many others states. The organization chief emphasis was to deliver eye treatment like childhood blindness, females and offspring with eye operations, diabetic retinopathy patients and aged people with lessening of vision. These ordinary disorders were handled under extremely skilled force to eradicate eye disorders and to deliver healthful living.

5.SOS Children’s Villages


By Hermann Gmeiner (Philanthropist), It was founded in 1949 at Vienna, Austria. Many projects were conducted for children welfare under this association. The Chief goal of this organization is as follows:
  • “A day being capable to produce security to every single admirable child in the state” 
This is a credible aim as the organization confesses only those children who are entirely orphans or labeled as societal orphans. Societal orphans are produced as the result of the mother being marry again or having an untreatable illness or psychological illness. This permits such kids to live ordinary lives and a common sense of self-confidence is injected in them that generates their full potential.
SOS Village meets hands with many revenue organization like PEL, The Educators, UBER, Samsung and many others to deliver superiority of education to eligible learners and to offer them identical prospects to grow up and participate in workable life. The key aim is to deliver family to orphan kids with affection, regard and protection.

6.Plan International

Plan International (a non-profit organization) was established in 1937 by John Langdon-Davies and this an autonomous advancement and charitable organization which operates in seventy one countries throughout biosphere. ‘Childreach’ the corporation was established with the objective of safeguarding and supporting the constitutional rights of children.  The organization has 806 million-euro assets and key donors are the widespread community. The organization is concentrating on Child safeguard, education/learning, financial safety, water cleanliness, tragedies, wellbeing, sensual and generative health and human rights.


During 1997, Plan International initiated their campaigns at twenty four sites and in five different provinces of Islamic Republic of Pakistan by creating CCCD (Child Centered Community Development). The state office is situated in the capital and plan units are established at various angles of each province to organize the functions and to link centrally with the key objective of child security and to offer them a healthier life. The organization is providing learning skills, health services, financial liberation and CCDKM (Child-Centered Disaster Risk Management) which offer essential services throughout any ecological disaster where kids get split from their relatives. Plan International commenced female rikshaw facility in Chakwal with an objective to offer a sense of equality and to break down sex label trends in the community. The association is still enlarging its essential services to create a healthier humanity.
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