Ishraq prayer is the prayer that you perform for your good deeds. The East prayer is offered after sunrise and this prayer has a great effect. When you get up early in the morning and offer Fajr prayers and start preparing for your work. When the work is ready, the Ishraq prayer should be performed so that the work and the day may pass in the best and most merciful way.

ishraq namaz

Just as we perform Tahajjud prayers for our own benefit, we also perform Ishraq prayers for our own benefit. The Ishraq prayer averts the calamities that befall us and the doors of blessings are opened for us. Throughout this article, the method of performing Ishraq prayers and the benefits of Ishraq prayers will be explained. We should all perform Ishraq prayers so that we can be safe from the troubles to come.


When you have performed the Fajr prayers, it is better for you to sit and recite the Qur’an. When you see that the sun has risen and is fully visible, you can start the Ishraq prayers. If the sun is touching the horizon, wait until the sun has risen completely, then start praying. The next day, for the routine of Ishraq prayers, check what time the sun rises.

When the sun has risen completely, you can start the Ishraq prayers. There are great benefits of performing Ishraq prayers. If you perform Ishraq prayers, may Allah bless you with mercy. Fajr prayer is obligatory. We perform Ishraq prayer for ourselves. May Allah’s blessings be upon us and may we be blessed with Allah’s blessings. By performing Ishraq prayers, a person stays active all day long and Allah’s blessings continue to descend on him. The right time to offer Ishraq prayers is when you get up after performing Fajr prayers and get ready for your office. At that moment the sun has risen completely.


These are just a few things to keep in mind when performing the Ishraq prayers or any other prayers so that our prayers and supplications may be the best.

  • First of all we should go to a clean room or mosque to offer prayers. If we are praying in the house then at least the room should be clean.
  • Turn off the TV and mobile phone in this room so that no noise can disturb you during or during prayers.
  • Then place the prayer facing the qiblah and start the prayer with the intention of prayer.
  • After performing the prayers, go to the qiblah while praying, raise both hands and pray to Allah for your friends and relatives.
  • When we pray after prayers, our prayers are very effective. After the prayers, you must ask for supplication so that my ALLAH may continue to send you blessings. And pray for yourself, for your friends and relatives, and for everyone, and pray with full faith and confidence.
  • Pray for the best jobs for yourself and the best jobs for the unemployed. Pray for the longevity of your parents. In every prayer, ask for nearness to your God and ask forgiveness for your sins.
  • And pray in a quiet place so that no noise can change your mind.


It is very important to purify oneself before prayers. We have woken up to perform the Ishrak prayers, so it is very important for us to purify ourselves in order to prepare for the prayers. Before performing the prayers, we should perform ablutions. The method of performing ablutions is as follows.

  • First wash your hands three times and then rinse three times. Clean your mouth thoroughly and then pour water into your nose three times until the water touches the nasal bone.
  • Then wash your face thoroughly three times and wash both arms up to your elbows three times.
  • After that, he used to rub his wet hair on the hair of his head once so that the hair would also become clean.
  • Then in the last stage of ablution, wash both feet thoroughly three times.
  • When all these commands are done, go to the prayers and start the prayers with the intention of prayers By the way, we should all try to stay in ablution at all times so that our body will always be pure. But when we intend to perform Namaz, we should first perform Wudhu.
  • If for some reason we are obliged to perform Ghusl, then first purify ourselves and then prepare for Namaz by performing Wudhu. Blessed is the instruction of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

So we should all perform ablution properly and calmly so that our ablution is done well and our body becomes pure. When the servant is performing ablution for the morning prayers on cold nights, my God says to the angels: Be a witness, I have forgiven all my servant’s sinsŪ”These are just the rewards of ablution. If we start living according to Islam, then the blessings of Allah will be bestowed on us. We should try to keep ourselves pure and observe the prayers, recite the Qur’an and ask for the prayers of our families for ourselves.


When the worshiper stands up for prayers, he turns his face towards the qiblah, that is, he prays facing the Ka’bah. When we are on a journey and we do not know the direction of Qibla, then my Allah has commanded us to offer prayers according to the estimate.

By the way, we should try because smart phones are available to every human being today to download the “Qibla Compass” app, it shows us the right direction towards our mobile Qibla. Muslims in our north pray facing east. Praying saves us from many sins because the longer we stay in ablution, the more Satan stays away from us.

That is why we as Muslims should perform the prayers and perform the prayers and try to be pure and clean at all times. Prayer is the pillar of our religion and prayer is the key to paradise. Blessed is the saying of our beloved Prophet Muhammad.

We should perform the prayers and pay special attention to the direction of the qiblah so that our prayers may be performed correctly.

The Ka’bah is located in the Holy Mosque of Makkah and all the Muslims of the world turn to the Ka’bah and offer prayers.Blessed is the throne of Allah in the sky just above the Ka’bah. That is why we Muslims turn to the Ka’bah and offer prayers. Prayers were offered to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) by God during Ascension. That is why your statement is blessed. Prayer is the coolness of my eyes.


Ishraq Because a person prays for himself, he knows how to perform the intention of Ishraq prayers. For the sake of God for two rak’ats of Ishraq prayers, he can start the prayers with this intention. Most of the people perform Ishrak prayers so that the day starts with the word of God and the blessings of God continue to descend throughout the day.

And some people perform the Ishraq prayer because if they have committed a sin, then they should be forgiven. (Indeed) Allah is the Forgiver. When praying Ishrak, it is better to go to the mosque first. Eliminate all the noise around you to perform Ishrak prayers and to ask for Dua or anyone else to perform Namaz.

In any case, when we should pray to Allah, we should purify ourselves, perform two rak’ats of prayers, and make our supplication to Allah. And the things we don’t think about while praying are that we don’t eliminate the noise around us, we don’t turn off the mobile phone, we don’t turn down the volume of the television, because of which our minds are distracted and we can’t pray diligently. When praying, one should pray with full faith in the person of Allah. If the prayer is asked with full faith, my Allah will surely fulfill it.


After coming to the top of the prayer, start the prayer after the intention, Allahu Akbar and stand up with your hands tied. Hamida says, stand up, leave your hands, then say Allahu Akbar and go in prostration, then Allahu Akbar says get up from prostration, then say Allahu Akbar and go in prostration again.

When in the second rak’ah after the second sajdah they will say Allahu Akbar, they will sit in the ahtiyat and recite the ahtiyat, recite Durood-e-Sharif and then salute.When the salutation is returned after the second rak’ah, then go to the place of prayer and raise both hands towards the qiblah.

Please recite Surah Al-Fatihah once and Durood-e-Ibrahimi once. Pray to Allah with sincere heart and with full conviction. When we reach out to God for prayer, my God hears our cry and grants it. Sometimes we don’t know how to ask, we just reach out and say words and get up and walk away. Whenever you reach out to Allah, ask for prayer with certainty.

My Allah will immediately accept the prayer. When praying, if all your attention is on the essence of Allah, that is, if there is no noise or disturbance, then that prayer has a great effect.


Ishraq has at least two rak’ats. You can perform as many rak’ats as you wish. The payment of Ishraq will make you feel refreshed and the blessings of Allah continue to descend throughout the day. Many people pay homage to Ishraq so that our sins may be forgiven and blessings may descend upon us during the day.

Many people perform more than two rak’ats in Ishraq so that we can talk to Allah for a long time. And such people perform Ishraq in solitude so that no one can disturb them in prayer and they can explain their affairs to Allah in the right way. Surely my God knows everything, but He still loves to hear from His servant. The correct way to ask for du’aa ‘after performing the Ishraq prayer is as follows: Establish a relationship of certainty between yourself and your God.

Raise your hands towards the Throne and address your God and present your supplication in the court of your God with the certainty that my God will surely fulfill my prayer. When we pray with complete certainty, my God will surely fulfill that prayer.

When performing the Ishraq prayers, do not rush at all, but get ready a little early and perform the Ishraq prayers all the time and pray with full satisfaction and enthusiasm. When we pray with full courage and contentment, my God will surely answer our prayers. And try to make it a habit of Tahajjud prayers. Tahajjud prayer is the prayer of love. After performing Tahajjud prayers, go to sleep and after performing the morning prayers and preparing for your office, look at the sun.

There are at least two rak’ats of Ishraq prayers and do as much as you can. Praying Ishraq brings blessings to us all day long. My God is smiling in the sky when we are preparing for any prayer. When we perform ablution with cold water and intend to pray in the cold, my ALLAH says to the angels: Be a witness, I have forgiven the sins of this person.

When a servant prays and asks Allah for supplication, then my Allah says: Angel, be a witness. I have accepted the supplication of my servant and given him whatever he asks Make yourself a five-time worshiper and recite Tahajjud and observe Ishraq prayers so that our Allah may be pleased with us forever.

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