Scom helpline Contact Number and Email Address

In this Post We will Give you scom helpline Contact number and share with you all details.To provide state – of – the – art technology for better communication in this sector, we are now focusing on providing data services to ajand k (azand jammu & Kashmir) and gb (gilt baltistan) to millions of people with the best coverage and quality. The institute not only satisfied its esteemed clients with its products and services, but also has a social responsibility to run projects for better society and regional development.

During the time period, It has developed a large – scale information technology and telecom infrastructure with more than 2, 500 km of optical fiber cable network network all over the region. Today, aus is one of the largest telecom network services providers that pay equal attention to development of urban and rural areas. Is served by specific difference under the.

The development, operation and maintenance of all telecom services in the ministry of information technology and telecommunications, government of Pakistan, jammu & Kashmir and gilgit, was established in 1976. It has developed a large scale information technology and telecom infrastructure, with a network of 4800 km of optical fiber cable in full length and width of the sector. The organization is the largest telecom network and service provider of the area with a focus on development of both urban and rural areas. We are providing telecom and it services to both the public and private sectors (general population) in azad j & k and gilgit baltistan. All brands ranging from data to stage are typically served under a single platform.

Sco has always participated in supporting the social and economic development of aj&k and gb. With understanding, the society grows as we grow. Our objective is to use technology and communication at every step to empower the people of the region.

The challenge of our time continues to be one of the greatest challenges of our time, maintaining the pace of constantly changing telecom trends. It further increases when the farthest and most dangerous areas of land like azad jammu Kashmir and gilgit – Baltistan link them to the rest of the world. With the supreme dedication and supreme commitment of our task force, the all – India radio has successfully met this challenge, but has gone beyond it, with the challenge it was expected to deliver.


Scom helpline Number

We are Share with you Scom helpline and email share with you if you have any Query or problem you can contact scom helpline.
  • SCO CUSTOMER CARE Helpline 355 You can call 355 from your SCOM number 24/7 available.
  • UAN helpline Dialing Scom UAN from your SCO SPHONE 24/7.
  • For CDMA in AJ&K Scom customers dial helpline 565 and GB dial helpline 726.
  • Complaints Email Address:
  • For Feedback: Email
  • For Any Query:
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