Jazz Weekly Call Package in 70 rupees

The most affordable Jazz weekly call package is now available for prepaid users. Get 700 minutes at 70 rupees a week, which is an amazing deal! 700 minutes on a low rate that is perfect to call anywhere, anytime! This new low-cost plan will give you plenty of time to talk with friends and family about their Warid or Jaz network numbers without any hassle whatsoever.

Do you want to increase your conversion rate? Jazz call packages are the perfect way to do this. Jazz offers weekly call packages for just 70 rupees! This article will tell you more about how these phone calls can help boost conversions, and what else is included in the package.

If you are a jazz lover, then this is the perfect package for you! You will get calls to Jazz numbers. This is perfect if your day job keeps you busy during weekdays so it’s hard to call up your favorite jazz number when they don’t have live shows.

When you search for a jazz call package in the market, this one is going to pop up. It’s not just any old Jazz Haftawar Offer – it has been mentioned from all over social media! We’ll tell you what makes it so special and why people love these calls. You can get surprised by how many different packages there are when looking at buying some ringtones online or even on WhatsApp but have likely never heard of an offer called “Jazz HAFTAWAR OFFER.” If your friends haven’t given them rave reviews yet then read ahead because I’m about to share why they’re such a hit with others everywhere who need great delivered right into their devices without having.

Jazz weekly call package code 70 rupees

Best call package for all jazz prepaid users. enjoy call package. We are sharing with you 3 types of different of weekly call packages. check details.

How to Active Jazz Weekly Voice Offer in PKR 70

  • Dial 211# from your Phone to subscribe to Jazz weekly Voice Offer.
  • Offer Information: 600 Jazz Minutes
  • Charges:Rs.75 (Incl.Tax)
  • Validity: Weekly
Package NameJazz Weekly Call Package code 70 rupees
PriceRs.75 (Incl. Tax)
Info600 Jazz Mins
Validity07 Days
How to ActiveDial *211#

How to Active Jazz Weekly infinity Call Package in Rs.70

  • Dial *710# from your Phone to Activate the Jazz 70 Rupees Call Package.
  • Package Information: 110 Jazz Warid Minutes
  • Package Charges: Rs.45.45 (Incl. Tax)
  • Validity: 180 Days
  • Check Remaining Minutes: Dial *710*2#
  • For Package Information Dial Code *710*3#

Package Name Jazz Weekly infinity Call Package in Rs.70
PriceRs.45.45 (Incl. Tax)
Info110 Jazz Mins
Validity07 Days
How to subscribeDial *710#

Jazz Work From Home Package

Working from home is a great opportunity for many people. However, it’s hard to know where to start and what you need in order to be successful at it. This guide will teach you everything that you need to know about working from home and getting started in the business world. I hope this information helps! Jazz Work From Home Package Provide you unlimited calls plus free data internet.

How to Subscribe Jazz Weekly Unlimted Call Package 70 Rupees?

  • Simply Dial *117*14# from your Phone to Subscribe to Jazz Weekly Unlimited Call Package.
  • Package Information: 10 GB Internet Data + Unlimited Jazz Mins (8AM to 6PM)
  • Charges: Rs.95 (Incl. Tax)
  • Validity: Weekly
  • Check Remaining Mins & Data: Dial *117*14*2#

Package NameJazz Work From Home
PriceRs.95 (Incl. Tax)
Info10GB internet + Unlimited Jazz Mins 8 AM to 6 PM
Validity07 Days
How to SubscribeDial *117*14#

Jazz Super Sim Offer

Get a super offer for only Rs.50! Dial *476# and subscribe now to get 6GB data, 600 Jazz minutes & SMS in just one week with this awesome new Sim pack from new Users networks.

How to Active Jazz Super Sim Offer?

  • Dial *476# from your sim to activate the jazz super sim offer.
  • Offer Details: 6 GB internet 600 Jazz Minutes 30 Other Network Mins 600 SMS
  • Offer Charges: Rs.50 (Incl. Tax)
  • Validity: Weekly
  • Offer Eligibility: Offer available for 3 months after purchase of a new sim.

Offer NameJazz Super Sim Offer
PriceRs.50 (Incl. Tax)
Info6GB internet + 600 Jazz Min+ 30 off net min+ 600 SMS
Validity07 Days
How to ActivateDial *476#

Terms and Conditions:

  • Work from home offer’s incentive is usable between 8 am – 6 pm.
  • Super Sim offer is available in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Hyderabad, and Sukkur.
  • Jazz and other network minutes and SMS will be accessible 24 hours a day (no time limit).
  • Call setup charges for this bundle are not applicable. Offer Multiple subscriptions are allowed. The average of Rs 1.2 / MB applies to all mobile internet bundles.
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