Today we went tell you jazz tune code and all tune details share with want set song naats on your call tune so this article for you you read full article.

JAZZ TUNES Jazz up your caller tunes Subscribe code

  • To susbcribe jazz caller tunes :Dial 230 or send ‘sub’ to 230
  • offer Charges Rs.2.01/ Day
  • IVR Charges Rs. 0.72/Min (By dialing 2301)
  • offer Validity Day
  • Unsubscription code Dial 230 or send ‘unsub’ to 230
  • Block Jazz tunes *2302*1
  • Unblock Jazz Tunes *2302*2#
  • Random RBT Subscription Send Sub to 6007
  • Random RBT Unsubscription Send Unsub to 6007

Jazz Caller Tunes List codes

jazz all tune list naats songs Instead of making your callers listen to the conventional ringing tone, with Jazz Tunes you can make your callers listen to your chosen Jazz Tune. To download content directly, please click here.


1. Apni Dhun Categories
On the Apni Dhun 230 IVR Menu, you can browse and download your preferred Apni Dhun from the following categories:
  1. Pakistani (Top 10, New Releases, Ghazals, Pop, Punjabi, Balochi, Pushto, Sindhi, Others)
  2. Asian (Top 10, New Releases, Classics, Punjabi, Others)
  3. English (Top 10, New Releases, Classics, Rock, RnB, Others)
  4. Arabic (Top 10, New Releases, Classics)
  5. Jazz Themes
  6. Movies
  7. Instrumental
  8. Religious
  9. Miscellaneous
    • 2. My album
Your downloaded Apni Dhun’s are saved in the folder called “My Album” and can be accessed at any time by calling 230 IVR. You don’t need to download the same Apni Dhun again, in case it is needed in the future. You can set any Apni Dhun in your library by calling 230 IVR, then selecting the “My Album” option and following instructions for setting an existing Apni Dhun.You can set different Apni Dhuns for different callers. All you need to do is call 230 IVR, specify the Apni Dhun that you want to set and the caller for whom you want to set that Apni Dhun. Whenever that caller calls, he/she will listen to that specific Apni Dhun you have set for him/her, whereas, the rest of the callers will listen to the default Apni Dhun.
3. Caller Group Settings
  1. This feature gives you the freedom to set the right Apni Dhun for Family, Friends, Official contacts, and Others.
  2. Additional SMS commands for Apni Dhun are as follows. The SMS code is 230
    • To set a tone already downloaded as Apni Dhun setad Apni Dhun code
    • To subscribe to Both Apni Dhun service and Mobitunes service Suball
    • To download an Apni Dhun in My Album ad Apni Dhun code
    • To download and set an Apni Dhun
Terms and conditions
  • Service is for both postpaid & prepaid customers.
  • If subscribed to both Mobitunes & Apni Dhun simultaneously, you will be charged separately for subscription.
  • Content library for Apni Dhun is the same as that of Mobitunes.
  • Apni Dhun feature is not available for Warid customers.
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