in this article we are going to talk about jazz double number offer DoubleUP Number service allows a subscriber to have a virtual number in addition to the primary number on the same SIM. This service is for prepaid subscribers only. it has many benefits in this article we are share complete details how to subscribe jazz double numnber offer?

jazz double number activation code 

  • To subscribe this offer just dial:4030 and press ’1′
  • offer Subscription Fee Rs.1.44/Day
  • SMS Charges Rs.0.60 per SMS
  • IVR Charges Rs.0.60 per min
  • Prefix SMS Charges Free
  • Prefix Call Charges Rs. 0.72 per 30 seconds
  • Unsubscription Code Dial 4030 and press ’0′



Jazz double number Benefits:

  • Basic Packages Call Back Reminder Rs.10/month Type “Basic On” and send it to 4030
  • Note: All the Packages can be subscribed at the same time and the user can also select a single bundle, too. 
  • Subscriber can also upgrade these Packages via IVR. Dial on 4030 and Select Upgrade DoubleUP Number from Main Menu.



How to subscribe jazz doubble number offer?

  • Firstly go to write sms and type sub and send it 4030
  • after send sms you have recived sms you are subscribe this offer .

How to use Jazz Double Number?

  • To make a call or send an SMS from your Jazz double-up number, add 88 before the number you are calling or messaging. For example, if you want to send an SMS to 030XXXXXXXX, you need to dial 88030XXXXXXXX.
  • when you call second number  exmple 880301587357683 .
Those are the messages you want to call or they can easily double up your dial-up numbers the same way as they would dial a regular jazz number. They don’t need to add 88 prefixes because when you receive a call or SMS to your double-up number, the CLI displayed on your phone will have 88 prefixes before the calling party number. It helps you identify a call on his double-up number.
There are times when I do not want to receive calls on their double-up number, you can log out of the service via IVR or SMS. Dial 4030 from your phone and choose to log out 1 or 1 entry for those (if you double up the number to log off), you can log out or log in via SMS on 4030 And manage their active / inactive states.

Blocking unwanted callers on your DoubleUp Number

  • This feature is based on a subscription jazz number that can double up the number who call you double up numbers that allow you to control. 
  • Please dial 5929 on the dial 5929 or SMS ‘sub’ to subscribe to this useful feature.
  • Once you subscribe to this feature, you can easily dial 5929 are, select 1 to add the numbers that you have blocked. There is no limit to block unwanted numbers.
  • Any number to select 2 after 5929 to unlock and specify the block number to indicate.
  • You can send a number to block / unlock the use of SMS on the “Block” and “Independent” commands and use it on 5929.

Block List Numbers may not add up to the phone number you jazz double up until you do not block them. Do not know who to block numbers / Call that you have blocked them, however, will notice that the number is closed.
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