MTag Registration Online for M2 Motorway

MTag is a toll tag for M2 Motorway. It can be installed in any vehicle, which will help you to pay the toll fee at the nearest automated kiosk or use an app on your phone. The M Tag is linked with a bank account and it has a smart card inside which stores credit information so that when you drive through one of our lanes, we automatically deduct the appropriate amount from your account. 

Since this system was put into place there have been many benefits including reduced congestion caused by cars stopping at booths, increased speed due to faster passage through lanes, and lower operating costs because employees are not needed as often. 

To learn more about how to get MTag for M2 Motorway please read on below!

If you’re looking to get around in Malta, then the M2 motorway is the way to go. This highway stretches from Valletta all the way up to Mosta, and it’s a great way to avoid traffic in the city. However, if you’re not familiar with the area and don’t know how to get MTag for the M2 motorway, then this blog post is for you. I’ll explain how to get MTag for the M2 motorway and provide some tips on using it. So keep reading if you want to learn more!

If you’re driving on the M2 motorway in Morocco, make sure you’re registered! The Moroccan government has made it mandatory for all drivers using the motorway to have an MTag. You can now register online for your MTag, so there’s no excuse not to be compliant. Read on for more information about the MTag and how to register. The Moroccan government has made it mandatory for all drivers using the M2 motorway to have an MTag. You can now register online for your MTag, so there’s no excuse not to be compliant. In this blog post, we’ll tell you all about the MTag and how to register. Keep reading for more information!

The M-Tag has been made mandatory to travel on the massive 2 lane highway from Lahore all the way up north, and here you will find details about how to get an MTag for your journey. The new law says that every car needs one of these tags before they can drive onto any part between Islamabad (just south) and Karachi in Sindh province – but there are some exceptions! If none were already given at the time of purchase then we’ve put together our guide with instructions on purchasing yours today so as not to wait too long when it goes live next year come 7th December 2021.

What is the M Tag ?

The M Tag is a special designation official E-Marker system for vehicles equipped with a manual override. These cars can be driven on restricted expressways by drivers who possess an expressway authorization or license to drive such vehicles, which is valid only during non-rush hour periods and national holidays. The M Tag allows these drivers to use the high-speed lanes without having to worry about being pulled over by police.

The owners just need to bring their car over the M2 toll plaza. Provide them with your CNIC, registration book, and details of what model vehicle you have so that they can enter it in a database for automatic recording – no more worries about lost papers or forgetting where exactly things are kept!

The process of getting a toll ticket is fast and easy. Simply place your QR code on the windshield at any time before entering into a highway’s scanner, which will automatically deduct how much money you need from your account if there isn’t enough left over after paying taxes/GSTs due upon return trip back home!

The process is easy and quick, taking about a minute. You get an M-TaG (sticker) to place on the top center of your windshield that has been scanned by this machine when we enter into its system; after which you can just drive off without paying tolls! If they don’t have enough money in the account because there was too much tax charged then any motorway authority will stop them at one point along their journey until more funds are gathered or people use apps like Jazz Cash where preloaded credits work as well if needed be during emergencies such as these

When you drive onto the motorway, a machine scans your car and takes note of any toll fees. You will receive an M-TaG (sticker) which must be placed on the top center for it to work properly; once this is done there’s no need to visit again unless something changes with billing or identification numbers!
The MTag service generates a QR Code and each code is unique to the car. The MTag service is a great way to ensure that you never get lost when traveling through toll plazas. The unique ID for each car will always be different, so the scanner can easily read it and process everything without any hassle!

How to get MTag for M2 Motorway?

The easiest way to get your M Tag for the car is at a Toll Plaza on the M2. You’ll find them installed side-by-side with these Toll Plaza that issue tags, so make sure you visit one!

Required Documents for M tag

  • Your original CNIC
  • Vehicle Registration Book
  • Driving License

National Highway and Motorway Police (NHMP) has announced that now you only require your CNIC to get a new travel document, the MTAG. With this easy process, it won’t take long before you’re on your way again! However, before being eligible for this certificate of identity card which will be given on completion of vaccination requirements with fully vaccinated citizens The National highway police force informs us all about an important update regarding getting one’s Identity Card or ‘CNIC’ updated from whatever it may currently state as well obtaining their newly released ‘MTAG’. This includes needing full vaccinations in order to gain entry into eligibility status so they can issue these documents at certain times going forward after we’ve had ours done already.

MTag service generates a QR Code and all code is different from others. The unique ID gives you the ability to identify your car so that every time it’s scanned, all information about what kind of vehicle we’re looking at will automatically process through our toll plaza e-bill!.

How to Register your M Tag?

Firstly Visit your nearest motorway toll plaza.

Register for your CNIC and car registration at the motorway toll plaza service center to avoid paying a hefty fee. Your first code is free, but it will require an additional Rs 200 payment.
If there are any other details needed like fees or taxes associated with owning a vehicle in Pakistan!

How To Check Your M tag ID?

All car has unique M-Tag ID Just open your SMS and Write New SMS type “MTAG  after space Type CNIC No” send it to 9909 for free.

How to recharge MTag?

Recharge your MTag by using a variety of different options. There are Motorways Website Scratch Card Recharge, Jazz Cash, EasyPaisa, and M-2 Drive Customer Care Centers that provide an easy way for you to recharge in just one visit!

Scratch Card Recharge
Yes, you can Recharge the load balance in your Mtag through a card.  you can load Rs.200 to Rs.5000.
Load Balance your M-Tag account through Scratch Card send a Just Write new SMS Type “Card Number space your M-Tag ID” send it to 9909.

Recharge Through Jazz Cash, EasyPaisa, and UPaisa Account
With the rise in popularity of mobile banking apps, you can now recharge your M-Tag using Mobile Banking Apps such as Easypaisa and UPaisa. You may also want to visit any merchant that sells this product!

Motorways Website

You can also recharge your M tag Account through Motorways Website.

The M-Tag Car Registration is case sensitive and the toll plaza taxes depend on vehicle type. Usually, cars have low taxes while trucks have high ones so to avoid scams motorways officials launched an online physical registration process which has no availability for those who don’t want their information shared with scam artists but there are some websites out there that claim they can provide this service because databases do not exist online – these sites will steal your personal details before giving back what’s been supplying them all along!

Thanks for reading this article about how to get MTag on M2. We hope you found it useful and informative, but if not please let us know in the comments below!

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