Jazz developed and finally with around 59 million people, became the largest telecom network in Pakistan. Jazz always offers its users with the best Internet and wonderful call packages. In this article we will tell you jazz notify me offer. With jazz, inform me that you get a text message on your mobile, informing you whether the party is out of coverage or not, that the jazz informs me that the number you called should be tracked for 48 hours and that when this number is available, you can notify through SMS so that you can contact your desired number immediately and not be accessible again.


What is Jazz Warid Notify Me service?

Jazz has informed me that you can know availability of any number which was earlier closed or out of coverage. Always stay updated with jazz keep me informed

How to Active Jazz Notify Me Service?

  • Open Dialer and Dial *6528# from your Jazz warid sim.
  • After Few Second Active your Service.
  • Service Charges: Rs.1+Tax for all prepaid packages
Please look at the table below for complete order set all messages will be sent to 6528 SMS short code.
Main Commands Description
SUB Subscribe for the service
UNSUB Unsubscribe for the service
STATUS View current subscription status
BLOCK The command will block all. inform me the information’s
about your number.
Sub Set Commands You can specifically block msisdn with the following orders.
ADD BL Add blacklist e.g. ‘ADD BL 03001234567’
DEL BL ALL Delete All Blacklisted Subscribers
DEL BL delete blacklist e.g. ‘DEL BL 03001234567’
LIST BL View Blacklisted Subscribers

Will provide you all help orders regarding let me inform the service


How to Unsubscribe Jazz Notify me Service?

  • Dial *6528*1# from your jazz sim and deactivate your notify offer.
  • Do I need a special SIM or phone to active to this notify me service?
  •  for subscription You don’t need any special Telecom sim or smartphone to active jazz, inform me service .this service can work any standard mobile or smart.
  • How can I subscribe to Jazz Notify Me?
  • You can easily active to this service by sending sub at 6528.
  • All jazz prepaid customers can subscribe to jazz can inform me the service.
  • You will receive a message on your mobile when the desired number is reinstated or is within coverage area.
  • You can also send “block” to 6528 to stop all notifications for your callers. You can also block specific callers by sending add blocks, please refer to the above table for the complete list of tasks and orders.
 Conclusion: In this article we are given you best information about Latest Jazz Warid Notify Me service . Please share this New Jazz Warid Notify Me service information with your family, friends and their loved one through Facebook, Whattsapp, Twitted and Instagram so that they can be entertained these services. If you have feel problem  or more details about this Jazz Warid Notify Me service then comment in below.
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