Jazz Monthly SMS Package

Jazz always provides its customers with great internet and amazing SMS packages. Although we know that SMS is not as popular as it used to be, thanks to WhatsApp and other social media platforms.Jazz offers us different types of SMS bundles and internet packages, in today’s article we will tell you monthly about Jazz SMS packages. The best way to connect with friends and family is through SMS. Numerous SMS bundle offers from various telecom operators. Jazz offers affordable SMS package plans to its valued customers. Jazz offers a variety of SMS package plans in three categories.  SMS is the best way to communicate with family members and friends. Multiple SMS package Plans by various Jazz telecom operators. Jazz provides cheap SMS bundles to its valued clients. In three groups, Jazz offers a number of plans for SMS packages and Jazz call packages.

With Warid’s integration, Jazz has become the No. 1 network in Pakistan with the largest number of subscribers. Jazz offers a large number of SMS packages for its customers who like to text around the clock. If you need a monthly offer, Jazz has you covered.

Jazz monthly SMS packages contain a lot of SMS for the whole month. Many merchants use a monthly package plan to reach their customers. We’ve compiled a list of all the monthly SMS pkgs with the necessary details.  A very popular jazz monthly SMS and WhatsApp bundle is perfect for both SMS and social networking through WhatsApp. This package is cheap. The price of each package is controlled by Jazz. They can change price and activation code at any time. Please go down and find the best fit package for you. In addition to daily and weekly Mobilink Jazz SMS packages, Mobilink also offers Mobilink Jazz monthly SMS packages to its customers. A user will receive a free SMS with a free SMS for the whole month. So check the complete details of this package.

Jazz Monthly SMS Packages List 

Jazz Monthly SMS Package

Jazz offers some extremely affordable monthly packages for users who don’t want to go through the process of repeated activation. These packages also include very attractive free ones which include free MB and free minutes. Find out below for details.

Package Name SMS Price How to Active
Jazz mahana offer 2000 SMS Rs. 75+(Incl. Tax) Subscribe
Jazz Monthly SMS Package 12000 SMS Rs.110 +(Incl. Tax) Subscribe
Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle Package 1000 SMS with other Rs.489 (Incl. Tax) Subscribe
Jazz Super Duper Package 2000 SMS Rs.600 (Incl. Tax) Subscribe
Jazz Super duper plus 5000 SMS Rs.999 (Incl. Tax) Subscribe
Jazz Free SMS offer 10 SMS Rs.0 Subscribe

Jazz Location Based SMS Packages

Package Name Jazz DG Khan Offer
Price Rs.319 (Incl. Tax) Recharge Required Rs.350
Infon 2 GB Internet Data 200 Jazz Warid 200 All Networks Mins 4000 SMS
Validity 30 Days
How to Active Dial *705#

Package Name Jazz Shahdadkot offer
Price Rs.319 (Incl. Tax) Recharge Required Rs.350
Infon 2 GB Internet Data 200 Jazz Warid 200 All Networks Mins 4000 SMS
Validity 30 Days
How to Active Dial *873#

Terms and Conditions
  • Offer limited time, subject to change at any time.
  • Call setup fee apply.
  • Bundled minutes / SMS / MB will be usable 24 hours a day (no punctuality)
  • More than one subscription is not allowed.
  • The average of 1.12 / MB applies to all mobile internet bundles.
  • The actual speed of the internet will depend on many factors such as SIM, device, access to web pages, time of day, number of simultaneous users, distance from 2G / 3G / 4G site, etc.
  • If you have not subscribed to any bundle base rate then you will be charged ie Rs. 5 / MB. The charging pulse is 512 KB.
  • The PKR 0.15 call setup fee applies to every call.

Conclusion: In this article. Share complete information about latest jazz sms offers and packages. To my knowledge, the best monthly package is a monthly package because the monthly package will allow you to use a large number of SMS bundles during the month without any hassle and you do not need to upgrade it again. Your whole month will go smoothly and you can chat without any time balance.
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