Jazz J 999 Postpaid Package Price Information


In this Post We will give to jazz postpaid j 999 Offer Details. how
you can active on your postpaid sim.If you want to get unlimited calls, send
SMS for free, and browsing on the fastest mobile Internet in Pakistan for
the entire month, the jazz has launched a 999 postpaid package for the first
time in Pakistan.


Jazz provides many bundles to its caring customers like call bundles, SMS
bundles and Internet bundles, jazz offers an unprecedented offer instead
of each of these bundles. Jazz moble citizens are known every day as
incredible bundles and administration in Pakistan. They greeted 3g
licenses and sold 10 MHZ blocks in 21 MHZ bands. In March 2017, The jse
opened its organisation activity focus (Knox) to deal with the daily
network elements of IBM and DDL emi 1985 and provided an organization to
24×7 to supervise the organization. Current 1800 MHZ t h Jd, the new
Islamabad network scheme has come out presently to meet the growing demand
for lt and is located in the second place in the country.


Jazz j 999 Package

This offer is only for new sales postpaid customers including new sim
sale, prepaid for postpaid conversion & MNP charging pulse 60

How to Active Jazz j999 Package?

  • Package information: Unlimited Jazz Minutes 500 Other Network
    Minutes 2 GB internet data 1000 SMS for all networks  You can
    also Join Jazz Gold to get additional and get 6 GB/Month for 12
  • CTA: Dial *777* and Active bundle.
  • Bill Incentive: Dial *1111#
  • Internet Bundle: Dial *443#
  • Helpline Dial 777
  • Line Rent Rs.999
  • F&F Rates Rs.0.75 /min
  • Call Rates Rs.1.75 /min
Jazz j999  offer
Rs.1.75 /min
F&f call rates
 Rs.0.75 /min
Dial *777#



How to Check Your Remaining Minutes MB and SMS

  • If you have jazz j999 bundle active on your sim and now your want to
    check your remaining data minutes and sms just dial *2222#
  • Dial *1111# to Check information of your bill.
Terms and conditions
  • Terms and conditions Jazz mobile Telecom company will be applied on
    this Package.
  • Offer is for individual Users only.
  • Offer only for Postpaid Customers.
  • The default rate for Internet usage is MB 2 + taxes per MB. The
    charging pulse deposited rs. 512 KB security for international
    dialling access across the country. 1,500 is the security deposit
    for international roaming access is rs 5000.
  • Free data is usable on mbs3g and 4g both! Dial for super 4g
    Internet bundle for more information, please call 111-300-300 using
    sim without any jazz customer center, franchise center or proper
    documentation, crime pta.
  • An unsolicited or illogical message could be via texting. The
    charging system reserves a portion of the amount of data available
    in the MBS of your package against each application website opening
    on the device, so as a result of multiple applications and or
    simultaneous entry of websites, all available data is reserved in
    your MBS and can begin to charge at the base rate of your package,
    all government taxes are applicable.
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