Jazz has recently introduced a collect call and SMS service for its
customers. What is Collect Call and Deposit SMS? Instead of calling the
party paying the call and SMS, as the system normally does, submit the call
and allow the party receiving the SMS to make the payment. Where by allowing
the calling party to make free outgoing calls or SMS. Jazz Collector
brings call and SMS service which allows the party to receive. Where the
calling party is allowed to make unpaid call or SMS. This service is also
available to help the Jazz roaming customers when they are roaming outside
of jazz and outgoing network will be able to request the recipient party pay
for the call.


Jazz Collect Free Call Offer 

With Jazz Collect Free Call, you can still make calls to your account with
zero balance. So, all the husbands and boyfriends in the world – get ready
for the heavy bills because your girls don’t forgive you anymore. At the
same time, this package can be used efficiently by administrators who want
their subordinates to stay in touch with them – so they can now pay for
calls to their numbers, while subordinates Individuals will also have to
make all other payments. Calls The same can be said for children and


How to Subscribe Jazz Collect Call Package

Need to make an emergency call out of credit? As is usually the system
allows you to pay for receiving a call instead of paying your calls.
  • Just Dial *503# from or Type Sub Send it to 503 to Subscribe Jazz collect
  • Validity: Weekly
  • Rs.5 + tax per week
Jazz Collect Package
Rs. 5+tax
How to Active
Dial *503#

How to Make Receiver to Pay for Call Charges Free Collect Jazz

  • If you want To make Jazz collect call add prefix ‘5’ before B
    party number and dial e.g Dial 503xxxxxxxxx.
  • Example: When you Call and want to Pay Call Charges your Call Receiver
    Just Before Number 5030300xxxxxxx 
  • To make Jazz free collect call dial *503# and then input B party number
    or *503*03xxxxxxxxx#.  
Call Collect the following additional features are available to
You can blacklist a specific number or range of numbers. Blacklisted
numbers from the calls will be rejected automatically.
Receive a party that offers the ability to automatically receive calls
from a specific number and payment. The recipient will not be asked about
the incoming call.
Features Command
To add number in Whitelist ADD WL 030x-xxxxxxx
Party A will request Party B to add him in his Whitelist REQ WL 030xxxxxxxx
To add number in Blacklist ADD BL 030x-xxxxxxx
To delete number in Whitelist DEL WL 030x-xxxxxxx
To delete number in Blacklist DEL BL 030x-xxxxxxx
To view Whitelist List WL
To view Blacklist List BL
To delete all Whitelist numbers Delete WL all
To delete all Blacklist numbers Delete BL all
To view service subscription status Status
Help Help


Terms and Conditions
  • Terms and Conditions will be apply on Jazz Collect Offer.
  •  Jazz Collect Offer only for prepaid customers
  • The service is also available to Jazz Roaming buyers, who can request a
    subscriber’s pay for outgoing calls while roaming outside Jazz network.
    Standard roaming charges apply.


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