How to apply for Jazz cash – Ready cash loan service and its eligibility



In this article we will give you information that how you can apply for Jazz cash – ready cash loan, how return and its limitations and eligibility. 

To give information about ready cash we will explain here what is jazz cash, ready cash and its uses.

Jazz cash= Jazz cash was a mobile account which work like a bank account for sending and receiving payments but it has more benefits than bank account because we can use it by sitting at home or any other place, city in Pakistan. Jazz cash account was made on Jazz SIM and registered on CNIC. One CNIC only one jazz cash account has been made. 


Ready Cash= Ready cash was introduced by Jazz cash for the facility of their users in which you can take loan up to 10,000. Only one time can applied for ready cash until you return within one month which limit is 100-10,000 PKR. When you take ready cash you have four weeks (1 month) for return in which time period you must return loan otherwise you will pay penalty. 



How to use Ready cash loan service

Now we will tell you the complete information that

• How you can apply for Ready cash loan

• How to return ready cash loan amount

• How to check ready cash history,

• Terms and conditions

• Conclusion

Now we start our topic with detail, read it and get information



How you can apply for Ready cash loan

For applying Ready cash loan have some simple steps which mentioned here.

  • First dial *786# from main menu.
  •  Now you will see many options like send, pay money and some others in which you need to select option 4 for Ready cash.


  • Now see a list of instruction in which you need to select option 1=Apply for Ready cash and press send button.




  • Now chose the desired Ready cash amount from menu option which starts from 100 and ends to 10,000.
  • Now enter your Jazz cash MPIN for acceptance of terms and conditions of Ready cash.
  • Now Ready cash loan application will be proceed successfully.
  • For any problem contact jazz cash helpline number 4444.



How to return Ready Cash loan amount

When you ready cash from jazz cash it has some limits in which you must return this amount within four weeks which has a complete procedure like taking loan. The method to return Ready cash loan was mentioned here in simple way.

  • Dial *786# from main menu.
  • Then select option 4 for Ready cash
  • Now select option 2 for Repay Ready Cash.
  • Now you see two options for return Ready cash in which
  • Select 1 for full payment and select 2 for partial payment and enter returning amount.
  • Now enter MPIN for confirmation of accepting terms and conditions.
  • Now your repayment amount will be preceded immediately and you will receive a confirmation from Jazz cash. 
  • To return Ready cash loan amount your jazz cash account must have enough amount.



If you don’t return Ready cash amount wit in four weeks than Jazz cash will automatically deduct amount from your account with applicable charges of late return payment.  If your account has no balance then you will be availing in blacklist for one year and reported to eCIB /SBP. After that you cant take loan from any institution. 




How to check Ready cash history

Here we will tell you that how you can check their Ready cash loan amount which method is given here.

  • Dial *786# from your main menu
  • Then select option 4 for Ready cash
  • Now select option 3 for Ready cash payment history
  • Now you can see their all history of Ready cash with date, amount and complete detail.


Terms and conditions

• Ready cash loan amount can avail from 100-10,000.

• Ready cash amount must be return within four weeks after issuance loan.

• For any problem you can contact with Jazz cash helpline number 4444.

• If you return Ready cash loan amount within four weeks you don’t pay any additional charges.

• If you don’t pay Ready cash loan amount within four weeks then you must be paid additional charges and give relief maximum four weeks after that you will be complained eCIB/SBP. 

• Within one you can apply just one time for Ready cash amount.

• After returning Ready cash amount you can take again Ready cash loan any time.

• To return ready cash loan amount you must submit amount in their jazz cash account.




In this article we give you information that how you can get maximum amount from Jazz cash. Jazz cash introduce their loan facility with the name of Ready Cash in which you can take loan from 100 to 10,000 for one time period and you can return this amount with full payment either in some installments partially. Hope so this article will be very beneficial for you and jazz cash users. 

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