Rs.7500 Prize Bond Draw 88 List Multan Result 01 November 2021

 Prize Bond PKR 7500 List Multan Result 01 November 2021 Draw88 Online


The results of the Draw 88 Prize Bond List Multan Result 01 November 2021 are
announced. The prize bond list is published in two categories, one for Rs 7500
and another for Rs 15000. This post will be updated with the latest
information about both these lists so that all people who have purchased or
want to purchase a prize bond can check their numbers and winnings online at
the official website of the National Savings Organization (NSO). So, stay

I’ve been blogging about the Prize Bonds for a while now, and I know many of
you are curious about how to get your hands on these fantastic prizes. If you
don’t know what they are, read my blog post “How To Get 88 Rs 7500 Prize Bond
List Multan Result 01 November 2021”. I’ll be honest- when I first came across
them, I thought it was some kind of scam. My family went through so much
trouble in our home country that we didn’t have time to worry about something
like this… but after doing some research, I realized just how legit they
really were! It’s not every day that someone makes an offer like this. As
of today, there are 15 million prize bonds worth a combined total of Rs.1
billion waiting for the winning ticket holders! If you’re lucky enough to find
one in your area and want some extra money on top of what’s already yours-
don’t hesitate because these will go quickly before anyone else can grab them
all up!.


Check Draw 88 Rs 7500 Prize Bond List Multan Result 01 November 2021

Prize bond is a government of Pakistan’s initiative for the people to earn
money by investing small amounts. The prize bonds are issued in Rs.1000,
Rs.5000, and Rs.7500 denominations with varying maturity periods, which begin
on the date of issue, ranging from 1 month to 10 years depending upon their
value. The Multan result draw has been announced on 01 November 2021 for Prize
Bond List Multan Result Draw 88 as follows:


List Multan Result Draw 88 Prize Bond Rs.7500 01 November 2021. Prize bond is
the only saving form in Pakistan which can give you 100% return on your
investment even after 10 years, so it becomes a good choice for all who are
looking for their own safety and long-term investments.


The latest and most up-to-date list of 7500 Prize Bond Lottery by the Pakistan National Savings Department will be released on this web page soon 01.11.2021 Multan, so keep an eye on it! The entire community can view online or download a copy of these cash gifts from them without any problems at all – which is why everyone believes there’s great potential for those who receive such benefits as well with these funds being given by our government departments like NSD (National Savings Department). Now that full schedule 2021 lists have been released after thorough testing processes within each agency has approved their authenticity then they’re now available below:


Prize Bond Rs.7500 Draw 88 Multan Result List Online

According to the Pakistan National Savings, the First prize winner of the prize bond PKR7500 worth Around about Rs.15,000,000 will be won to the single winner while the second prize winner of
the prize bond PKR 7500 worth Around about PKR.5,000,000 will be won to 3 lucky winners and
the third prize of the prize bond PKR 7500 will be given to 1696 participants for PKR93,000/- each.


Prize Bond Worth Rs.7500
First Prize Rs.15,000,000
Second Prize Rs.5,000,000
Third Prize Rs.93,000
City Multan
Date 01-11-2021

Winner Serial Numbers


First Prize Rs.15,000,000-/  Serial number 00000
Second Prize Rs.5,000,000-/ Serial number 0000 second winner 00000  third winner
Third Prize Rs.9300 -/  Serial number 00000
Check Out Complete List
Check Complete List 7500 Prize Bond

With millions of Pakistanis holding 7500 rupee prize bonds, it is hard to
believe that they could be such a scam. When the government introduced these
as savings instruments in 1954, it was met with great enthusiasm and support
from the public. However, over time people have realized that this is nothing
more than a trick to extract money from them. Although there are some benefits
to having these bonds, winning prizes isn’t one of them! Did you know
that the 7500 prize bond was first issued in Pakistan way back in 1959? The
7500 prize bond is a prize-linked savings program that offers an interest rate
of around 5.5%. While other forms of investments offer much higher rates, the
low risk and stability offered by this form of investment make it ideal for
those who want to save money while staying within their budget. A lot of
people don’t know about the Pakistan National Savings and there is a good
reason for that. The company has been around since 1974, but it has never
caught on in America. There are many reasons why this may be and this blog
post will explore some of them as well as what makes the company so special.


The Finance Department is the main administrative body that organizes and controls the whole system of money transferring in our country. It’s prepared a great plan for public distribution, whereby luck draws are confirmed queue-wise every year in Punjab only which makes people happy with this project from the government level because it never fails them at all times when they need cash most!. The recent announcement by the Pakistani government that it will be launching a new prize bond Draw in November 2021 has been met with excitement from consumers, who can finally redeem their reward money without any hassle. This is because they have made available online and free of cost all 7500 Rs cash gift winners are expected to receive as rewards for participating during previous draws.



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