Prize Bond 7500 List 2022 Check All Draws Result

 Prize Bond 7500

Prize Bond 7500 list

7500 prize money of bonds: government announced the closure of bonds of Rs
7,500, according to a notification issued by the federal
government. Voting for Lucky Draw No. 87 Prize Bond of Rs. 7500 was
held on August 02, 2021 in Karachi. Also, you can check out the full list of
rupees. The price of 7500 prize bonds ranges from the first lottery to the
latest lottery on the official website online. Results of the National Bank
of Pakistan Schedule, Monday 2 August 2021 on the 7500 prize bonds can also
check list.

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Prize Bond 7500 Draw 87 Result

SBP has announced prize bonds of Rs. 7500. One lucky winner will receive
the first prize of 15,000,000 PRK, while the other three lucky winners will
receive a second prize of 5,000,000 PRK. Thus, 1696 winners get a total of
Rs. 93,000 each as the third prize of 7,500 prize bonds. Our results
for the full list of all the national savings bond prize of Rs 7500 Pakistan
are on site. On this site, you can Prize Bond Draw Result List 7500 online
check. Results of Pakistan’s National Savings Prize Bond Price Bond of Rs.
7500 can be viewed below and downloaded.

  • 7500 Prize bond First Prize: 15,000,000 PKR
  • 7500 Prize bond Second Prize: 5,000,000 PKR
  • 7500 Prize bond Third Prize: 93,000 PKR

Rs. 7500 Prize bond list 2021

Bond Worth
First Prize
15,000,000 PKR
Second Prize
5,000,000 PKR
Third Prize
 93,000 PKR
02-08-2021 City Karachi

About National Savings Bank :

National Savings Bank is one of the first institutions in the country
stands today, the legacy of more than 140 years, which came into existence
in 1873 with the implementation of the Government Savings Bank Act. British
government during the First and Second World War. Collects funds to meet the
costs associated with the channel. Given the effectiveness and net benefit
of these measures, savings culture has been shaped as a pharmaceutical
company to take care of the Bureau of National Savings (NS B) in 1943-44 and
undivided government department to India. After gaining independence in
1947, the organization worked in various forms in Pakistan. In 1953, the
Bureau renamed the Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) and its
functions and responsibilities after the NSB.

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