How to verify cnic online nadra? -using cnic find complete record of any pakistani national online

how to verify cnic

nadra cnic record The National Database and Registration Authority
offers online verification of CNIC from home. It is a good step for NADRA.
If you want to verify your CNIC online then you are at the right place. If
you are overseas Pakistanis then this article is beneficial for you. In this
article I will tell you how to verify CNIC online. In the past people were
standing in long lines for verifying CNIC at NADRA. But nowadays it is very
easy to verify CNIC online on the portal of NADRA without any trouble.
Because you guys are living in the modern era of technology. NADRA provides
online verification of CNIC facilities for citizens of Pakistan. NADRA
service is fast and reliable. It is more convenient than the old
conventional method. With this advanced system citizens of Pakistan can get
ID card and other documents at home. NADRA is operating a digital system
because the present era is modern. People have no time for standing in long
lines outside the NADRA to verify cnic

How To Tracking Your NADRA CNIC Record Digitally -Working Procedure:how to
verify cnic

In this paragraph I will tell you You need to create an account on an
online portal for different purposes. Online portal of NADRA also provides
children registration certificate and family registration certificate.
Before verifying CNIC online you need to create an account on NADRA to registration yourself with nadra online?

How to create an account on NADRA portal? – using cnic find complete
record of any pakistani national online

Please follow all below mentioned steps. Click on the link given

  • For account creation click on create account.
  • Then fill out the form and provide all necessary information like cell
    phone number, date of birth and name of applicant.
  • After entering all information click on the save and continue
  • You will receive verification code on your registered mobile number or
    Email address.
  • After entering the code click on the verify option.
  • You will automatically redirect to the login web page.
  • Then provide login details.
Note: Please provide relevant and original information. Do not provide fake
information. Otherwise you will be unable to verify your NADRA CNIC

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How to verify cnic from nadra online?

  • For signing in you need to provide an email address or phone
  •  After signing in, accept terms and conditions.
  • Then click on the accept and continue button.
  • On screen you will see different options like family registration
    certificate, CNIC online and verisys services.
  • You can also get a family registration certificate and other
    documents from this portal.
  • Click on verisys service button.
  • Then you need to top up the account by using credit card or debit
  • You can also use NADRA e Sahulat service.
  • Fill the required information after paying the fee.
  • Then sign the declaration. 
Note: Before submitting an application please check all the details.
After submitting the application you cannot change details.


This online service is a good step by NADRA for the welfare of people (for
overseas Pakistanis). Many people are getting benefits from this service.
People don’t need to stand in long ques. It is a wonderful facility for
overseas Pakistanis. Always provide original and authentic details. Chrome
browser is recommended for this process. If you have any confusion or
question please comment below.

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