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Whatsapp user agreement terms renewed by facebook will become mandatory as on February 8. This new contract, which includes user data sharing with facebook, has caused users to view whatsapp alternate messaging apps.

In our whatsapp alternative app list, we have top of this list, signals and home communication applications bip, proposed, the richest dealer in the world and domestic communication applications bip has grown stronger than whatsapp, apart from applications that use crypto messaging technology like telegram.

 New privacy policy of the Whatsapp application, many people started looking for alternative programs. The BIP application is among the alternative applications to Whatsapp. Wondering what the BIP application is. BIP application is also a free messaging program like WhatsApp, but who is the BIP and how is it used? Here are the answers to the questions whether BIP is safe or domestic.

Bip application was one of the most researched applications with new updates of whatsapp. bip is an application developed by turkcel used on smart phone regardless of operator. but bip is safe, how it is used.

As per the bip selling statement in many stores; it is a safe, easy to use, and a live platform for free communications and a live platform. Bip is an application that USES your phone’s Internet connection to enable this communication. Bip USES your phone’s Internet connection to enable this communication. You do not pay any subscription charges for bip.

What is the Bip? 

A messaging application developed by turcell for bip, android and ios devices has many features that aren’t included in whatsapp, from money transfer to file transfer, especially lost messages.

Although you are allowed to make up to 1000 large groups, you can send a message to people who speak different languages and thank the instant translation facility. The application is not limited to turcell, it can be used independently of any operator. You can download bip from app store, Google play store, and Huawei app.

Bip, you can send and receive messages, voice calls, photos, videos, documents, voice messages, and locations. In addition, you can use bip for both mobile and web, even if your phone is turned off. Thanks to its social convenience, you can interact with thousands of people without showing Numbers. Besides, there are many popular services from entertainment to health, which you can use in your daily life. It is thanked for your funny messaging, free calling, group chat, translation of all languages. Like whatsapp, you can send 10 people with location, photo, bip, video and emergency cases with single keystroke. After the ‘mandatory updates’ decision for whatsapp users, the ministry of national defence has decided to share information with journalists through the bip application.

BiP Features:

Bip is a secure, easy to use, free communications and platform of life, which is a wide range of utility features such as unlimited communication and quick translation and exchange rates in 106 languages.
  • Free calls (hd) no matter how far you are, your loved one and coworker are “bip” away. Connect instantly with 10 people around the world via hd voice or video calls!
  • Any language barrier  bip, you can translate 106 languages when you go. Write a message to your local language and it will automatically be translated on your friend’s phone.
  • Customize custom bip as your choice
  • Choose themes that are suited to your mood and are suited to your mood.
  • Share videos and photos in hd and videos to experience them properly.
  • Groups enjoy group chat that allows you to be associated with your friends, family, and colleagues. But if you will, take a term for yourself and destroy your tribe.
  • My loved ones behind me know where you are by enabling immediate and live location sharing.
  • Depending on your location, find a wide range of interesting topics from weather forecasts. Be more searching and connected to download bip!

Second WhatsApp alternative Signal

Although the hint has recently emerged, it was actually published on Google play for the first time on 25, 2010. However, the application took its current form by 2018. That application, which is a covert messaging facility, is using the end encryption from the day it first appeared. It is a private encryption – free source and is constantly being developed by the signal community. In this sense, the signal stands by a structure and charity supported by independent developers.

To delete a signal account, you can simply enter your profile and press the account delete button-it’s possible to thank confidential messages for encrypted stickers by signal. Signal, which end up in group chat.

For secure chat, it is possible to secure your identity by scanning fingerprints or data matrix on the application. This application enables the belief system to be used for the first time for a user to notify when a person changes a key. Add voice messages, picture messages, stickers to photos and send basic features of whatsapp such as GIF. You can download the android version.

A signal is an application that doesn’t receive ads. The platform, which is growing daily, is currently standing at charity. Have you used whatsapp’s options, the signal app, which is the reason for not receiving ads and sharing personal data with the third party that we are waiting for your comments.
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