Zong Youth offer Daily Night From 1AM to 9AM Package


Zong Youth offer Daily Night From 1AM to 9AM Package

If you are looking for overnight Internet packages, here is Zong’s Youth Deal Night Internet Package. With this offer, you will have one night of internet resources. Zong brings an excellent Night Bundle with the fastest 4G data. Activate this one-day offer and make your night the best it can be. Have fun and access the fastest internet with another and only fastest internet provider network. Especially in Pakistan, people can easily access the 4G high-speed Internet data at low rates. Here is a new bundle for Zong subscribers who stay active every night.

Zong is a Pakistani telecommunications company that has been operating since 2008. Zong always brings very few packages for its customers. With about 30,305 franchises, 22 customer centers, and many customer points in different parts of Pakistan, it is already one of the most popular telecommunication brands in Pakistan.

Zong Youth Offer

Zong 4G, has recently launched a Zong Youth offer discount. This package is designed as a nocturnal package. Just Subscribe to this nightly package every day and enjoy a fast night of uploading and downloading or Watch your favorite shows movies dramas.  Zong provides customers with more information at a lower cost so that Young users can browse Facebook and youtube faster.

How to Subscribe Zong Youth Package?

  • Open Messages then write new sms type “gno” send it to 6464. to Activate daily youth offer.
  • Packages Information: 2.5GB 
  • Charges: Rs.23
  • Validity: Daily Youth Offer during 1am to 9am
  • How to Check Remaining MBs: Dial *102#

Offer Name Zong Youth Offer
Price Rs.23
incentive 2500 MBS
Validity one day from 1am to 9am
How to Activate type “gno” send it to 6464
How to check Remain Dial *102#


Q: Can I have a good night with other internet packages?
A: Yes, it is compatible with all Internet bundles.

Q: Will Zong youth package be renewed automatically?
A. Yes, Youth Offer will be automatically renewed on daily basis.

Q How fast will I get if I subscribe to the Youth Offer?
A. This bundle is suitable for 3G and 4G speeds.

Q: Is there a download limit on the Youth Offer between 1pm and 9pm?
A. 2.5GB fair use policy means users can download as much as they want within the download limit.

Q: How do I Unsubscribe to this offer?
A. Just Write SMS “unsub gno” send it to 6464.

Terms and Conditions
  • Terms and Conditions will apply on Zong Youth offer.
  • Zong Youth offer only for Prepaid Users.
  • The following taxes/charges will apply.
  • 19.5% Sales Tax (GST) is applicable on usage (if applicable).
  • Advanced Income Tax (AIT) rate of 10% is applicable on every recharge.
  • The FED of 16 applies to use (where applicable).
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