Zong Delivery Report – How to Activate SMS Delivery Reports on Zong


Zong Delivery Report - How to Activate SMS Delivery Reports on Zong

Zong has launched an SMS delivery report service. Given its history of providing specific services, Zong has launched SMS delivery reports on extremely low price, and it will ensure that users will always receive a report for SMS. It is always important to know whether you had the SMS client or not. First, most of the operators SMS delivery was free but due to the traffic report on the messaging systems of logistics service operators were often closed Delivery report. Users have no option left in the dark to find out if it was a system error or an SMS. Operators are currently reviewing the report of the situation and are providing SMS Ltd for this purpose.

This service is included in the list of value added services to its customers. Through this service, users will receive an SMS that they receive real-time and get the information that they be assured your destination SMS.

How to Active Zong Delivery Report Service

We provide record of the facts and knowledge readers need to provide all of them the whole way that online neighborhood service report provision of SMS to all networks in Pakistan or MMS ۔ Therefore, SMS traffic study only the phrases below to take a look at the year to enable a simple point.

  • Open Messages Option on your phone Write new SMS Type “SUB” Send it to 533. to Active Zong delivery report.
  • Service Charges: Rs 10+t per month.
Zong Delivery Report 
Rs. 10 +tax per Month
 30 Days
Type “SUB” Send it to 533

How to Unsubscribe Zong Delivery Report Service

Simply Type Unsub Send it to 533. after Deactivate your Zong delivery report service.

  • Terms and Conditions will be apply on Zong delivery report service.
  • Zong delivery report service only for prepaid customers.

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