Zong day time internet offer Package – day time offer zong 2023


Today We are telling you zong day time offer Package Zong Provide you best and lowest rate internet offers pcakges and day time offer zong is wonderful offer for all zong customer. if you want subscribe zong day time offer code then you read full article.zong number one 4G/5G data telecom network in pakistan.zong provide you very high speed 4G internet data.

Zong Day Time Offer code 

in this offer you can enjoy the Daytime Zong Offer at an affordable low price and the fastest speed internet with the Zong 4G. you can avil in this offer Get 1200MB with in just Rs.16+ Rupees.


How to Active Zong day time offer

  • Firstly Open your Mobile Phone Dialer and dial *47# OR Type “dto” Send it to 6464
  • After Few minutes you will received confirmation Message active your offer.
  • Offer Charges:Rs.16+tax
  • Offer Validity:from 4am to 7pm
  • Check Remaing MB:Dial *102#
  • Limited Time Offer
How to Subscribe offer:
Dial *47#
Offer Validity 1Day 4am to 7pm

Zong Day Time Offer Details


How to unsubscribe day time offer?

  • Open your Messages and goto Write New SMS and  type “unsub dto” tSend it o 6464.

    •  Can Zong Daytime offer co-exist with other internet bundles?
    • A. Yes, it co-exists with all internet Packages.
    • Q. Will the Zong Daytime Offer be renewed automatically?
    • A. Yes. Zong Day Time Offer auto-renewed on a daily basis. If the users runs out of balance at the time of auto-subscrition then service will deactivate.
    • Q. What type of Active can Active to Daytime Offer?
    • A. Day time offer is valid for all 2G/3G & 4G Prepaid users – GSM SIMS.
    • Q. Is there any download limit on Zong Daytime Offer during 4am to 4pm?
    • A. 1200MB i.e. Customer can download as much as he can within the download limit.
    • Q. Is there any Add-on available for this bundle?
    • A. Yes. The same add-on as in the case for normal internet data Package.
    • Q. What will be the charges after internet data is consumed?
    • If the User has any Package along with DTO, then after consuming 1.2GB (of DTO) User will move to the other Package.
    •   If the User doesn’t have any other Package along with DTO, then after consuming 1.2GB (of DTO ) he will move to out of Package rate till 7pm, onward he will be moved to default rate.
    • Q. What will be the priority of Zong Day time Offer with Other data Packages?
    • A. Zong Daytime Offer have high priority with all other data Packages.
    • Q. Can User re-Active the offer after consumption of 1200MB data?
    • A. Yes, Incase service is renewed at mid night and if Users Unsubscribe the service after internet data consumption and then unsubscribr the service, Service will be reactivated for the 2nd time.
    • Q. Will the Users be charged again if he Subscribed the offer before 12:00 am?
    • A. Yes
    • Q. What will be the Add On expiry if a customer has Subscribed Daytime offer along with any data Package?
    • Q. Can Daytime offer co-exist with other internet bundles?
    • A. Yes, it co-exists with all internet Packages except good night Package
Terms and conditions:
Below mentioned All Taxes/ Charges,Rates would be applied:
Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 12.5% applies on every recharge your Account
Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% on usage Applied
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