Zong balance share code 2023 | zong balance share karne ka code

How to Transfer Balance from Zong to Zong

In this article I will show you zong balance share code If you are customer and want zong balance  share with easy and simple way.In this article, we will  discuss how to share zong balance read complete article.zong pakistani number one data network.

Zong started working as a cable and wireless company in 1991 under the name Paktal. It was the first company to issue free licenses to run mobile phone services in Pakistan. It provided AMPS services until 2004, when the company launched GSM services.
Zong is one of the best networks in Pakistan. This network provides many facilities to its customers such as package packages, call packages, net packages and many more. The best feature that proves Zong to its customers is the balance sharing facility. This will allow you to share their money with family and friends.



    How To Share Zong balance?

    Zong Yaari Load brings to you the facility of Balance Transfer as well as your Balance Request.
    Using Zong Yaari Sharing Codes 2023 will help you share your balance with family and friends if both users have the same network of users.
      • This offer Only forZong prepaid Users are eligible for Zong balance transfer service.
      • Balance Request helps Users in case of emergency by Useing this service.

    how to transfer zong balance?

      • This service is only for prepaid customer. (Receiver and sender both).
      • Minimum transferable amount: Rs.10/- .
      • Maximum transferable amount: Rs.200/-.
      • Users must have Rs.5/- minimum remaining balance in his account after Zong Yaari Load.
      • the service not available for Dealer/Employee/Franchise/Dealer & Franchise families tariffs & Service tariff package.
      • User can make 5 transactions per day.
      • Dial *828# for Balance Transfer
      • zong balance share charges Price: Rs 2
      • Dial *829# for Balance Request.


    Zong Balance Share Code 2023

    We are share with you very simple way to share your zong balance just follow steps in below.

    • How to share balance on Zong network just dial*828#
    • Rs.2+Tax will be charged after successful balance transfer
    • Balance request service i.e. *829# has no charges. Service charges are only deducted once the balance is successfully transferred 
    Zong Balance share code PRICE
         *828#   Rs2



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