Wapda complaint number – How To The Lodge Complain About WAPDA Electricity Problem?

Wapda complaint number -  How To The Lodge Complain About WAPDA Electricity Problem

We’ll talk to you today about coming back to this page, how you can complain there and solve your problem through your complaint. We’ll give you some numbers and talk for a while. Which will benefit you. The advantage will be that you will give them your company and follow them there. As a result, your complaints will be registered and your problem will be solved. Some people have problems with electricity. We will talk about it today and we will tell you their complaint number. We will talk about some details.

WAPDA Electricity is something without which it has become difficult for human beings to live because in the times to come, electricity is not very important. Just as man has done it since ancient times, so has electricity. What is connected with the coming modern technology? Electricity is an important part of human life without which human beings have become. Therefore, it is very important to have electricity. We will fix electricity. If the electricity does not reach properly then we have a lot of problems which will cause us a lot of problems. If you are facing any kind of problem regarding electricity then you can complain online. Can on Citizen Portal. You can call their cell number PTCL number and tell them about your problem. It will solve your problem and your case will be correct. Here are some of their details.

The WAPDA Electricity Complain Number?

WAPDA customers face various problems related to meter reading and many such issues and payments. Most of the customers do not know where and how to complain about the problems they are facing. More grievance channels are available but users have to first lodge a grievance at the relevant disco. Can be resolved. Consumers face possible issues for which they want to file a complaint. We will tell you about possible issues here which will help you. We will tell you the following things about WAPDA which are related to some complaints but the most important thing is that your company should be right and reach the right place.

And we will tell you what problems WAPDA customers face and also give you full details regarding the complaint which will help you.

1. Meter Reading Problem

2. Non Billing From Many Months

3. Excess & Less Reading From Meter

4. Detection Bills

5. Non & Late Delivery Of Bills

6. Installments Bills

7. Wrong Reference Number Is Written Bills

8. Segregation Bills

9. Change Tarif

10. The New Connections

11. Meter Connection Oder

12. Disconnection Order

13. Reconnection Order

14. Extension & Reduction Of Load

15.  Shifting Of Pole

16. Replacement Service Cable

17. Shifting Meter

18. Low Of Voltage

19. Sag Of Loose

20.  Correction Address

21. Correction Name

22. Power Of Failure

23. Fluctuation Voltage due to incorrect cables

24. Defective Of Meter

25. Fatal Of  Accident

What Is The Lodging Complain For Channel?

If you people also face any interruption in the supply of electricity or any goods then you have a complaint registration channel here. Making a complaint here should be your priority, for example if you are a consumer of it. So, first of all, the Ministry should register its grievance using the PASCO of the grievance service itself. 

If you do not get any positive feedback from the concerned authorities, we will follow the alternative grievance registration channel which If you have more than this, you have a reader who has a complaint waiting system in MEPCA Pakistan’s Citizen Portal or Federal Institutions. If you had your complaint, you can submit it. We also provide the link below. You can also visit this link. You can register your complaint by email to them

LINK: wwwroshanpakistan.pk/ccms/

In today’s age of modern technology you can also register an online complaint management system where you can register your complaint through a web portal. Not CCMS Every system has been introduced to process the complaint solution. Login can research and cooperate with the relevant disco to solve their problems and the grievance manager system has been facilitated by the Ministry of Energy and Power Division working on the problem and developed by the Information Technology Company. And you can file a complaint to them by mail and by call and by your mail to your party. Below is the link below.

Online CCMS www.roshanpakistan.com provides you the facility.

1. Register Complain

2. Track Complain

Anyone in Pakistan can complain about WAPDA. It is their right. We can tell you a stigma above. You can mail them through your mail and your complaint will be registered and customer complaint manager system. As we will tell you about three channels you can watch these tests and you can also call them through them you can also contact them. They are the following steps.

1. You can also complain about electricity by calling. You can register with Tafseer at 118 which is the call center number of WAPDA. This is the main center which was established in 1919 at WAPDA head office Lahore. You can call 118 and tell them in detail about your complaint.

2. 8118 You can complain, you will message them and through the message you will forward the complaint to them and they will respond by checking your details.

3. You can also go to WAPDA’s e-mail and send them an e-mail. The link of the e-mail is below

Link: ccms@pitc.com.pk


You can register the following three complaints on electricity bill on consumer channel channel. We have mentioned these complaints above. You can post your complaint verse on them.

Complain Steps Of Resolution CCMS?

1. When you make a complaint to the WAPDA team, they will receive your complaint and accept it.

2. After you investigate this complaint, your registration complaint will be sent to the relevant disco which will go to your area Johnny Fesco, Mepco, Pesco, Hesco.

3. The Grievance Manager will assist you with resolving both the grievance system team and the relevant disco and resolve your work.

4. The CCMSM and MEPCO team will be aware of the status of your customer’s complaint and will address your issue.

Ministry Of The Power & Water Development Authority?

When you submit your complaint through Complaint and Effective Medium, you will be done because all the electricity distribution companies are responsible for answering the ministry. They have their share in a development authority which checks it. They can also lodge any kind of complaint through you.


You will provide your personal details and complaints to the distribution companies working in your area so that they will know that this is a crazy issue.

You can find your ministries in the Water & Power Development Authority by contacting the latest number regarding the complaint and on the receipt of your heart you can visit the official website of the Power Development Authority. We also tell you below. We will call the concerned person to lodge a complaint and the website will search for the PTCL number. If you want to mail then it is fine. The PTCL numbers are as follows.

MOWP Ptcl Complain Number?

1. 051 9103888

2. 051 9206834

3. 051 9204430

The NEPRA Complain?

Pakistan’s NEPRA company which is affiliated with Pakistan has an option to complain about the power problems faced by its customers to ensure that you first lodge your complaint with the concerned parties. If you haven’t solved your problem yet, then follow the channel to lodge a complaint about someone. You can complain to yourself this year. The following is below and below their website. Has been given.

PTCL Number= 051 2013200

Online NEPRA Complain Website Link:www.nepra.org.pk

The Online Complain System & Customer Facility In Concerned DISCO?

The new products have their own online complaint management system but you will be impressed that the person has to urinate with the officer and to solve the problem of the customers they have to stay with the customers and you You can also apply by going to Citizen Portal and you can go to Complain Disco Portal and call them and Complain Mail.

LESCO Online Complain Link?


LESCO Complain Number?

1. 923200520222

2. 923200520888

3. 923200520444

4. 923200520333

Online GEPCO Complain Link?


MEPCO Complain Link?

www.mepco.com & MEPCO Portal

PESCO Complain Link?


Wafaqi Complain Management System?

Federal Management System This is an independent investigation department of registered complaints against agencies and departments. You can contact them under each other. If your complaint is not responded to, you can complain to them. The application will not respond. You will not take action. We will send you a list of it in tension. You can go to this link and get your registration done and you can do so through the official contact. Will receive a complaint and your complaint will be responded.

Link: wwwmohtasib.gov.pk

Pakistan Citizen Portal?

Pakistan Citizen Portal is an official mobile app. It is a proprietary mobile application that is linked to the official website of Pakistan. It has a function with government agencies. It can be useful to help people with this application. Through you can file just one verse against any department of the country of Pakistan as it is an application made to help the people from which anyone can file an application against them for the voice of truth and this application is instantaneous. If you are facing any problem and your problem is not being resolved then you can go to Citizen Portal and lodge your complaint on this application.

The first thing you have to do is turn on your mobile. Now there will be a green Play Store app. Go inside it and go there and search the Citizen Portal. Once you go, you will install it. After you sign, you can submit your application against any department but we have to talk about the complaint of WAPDA. You will do so that you forward the application of Pakistan Citizen Portal to the nearest WAPDA office. 

You will go to the app and click on the contact option and there you will register your complaint and this complaint will be forwarded to the WAPDA office. In this category they will register your application. The application will be processed and you will be notified immediately.


As the world is developing, so is the introduction of online systems in Pakistan. You can contact WAPDA’s official website or professional call. You can contact them and register your complaint. If the problem is still not solved, you can solve your problem by submitting your application on the Citizen Portal. Thanks

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