Ufone Uth Pack SMS Call Internet Data Packages

Ufone Uth Pack SMS Call Internet Data Packages

Ufone launches ‘Uth Pack’, designed exclusively for young people. Uth Pack is designed to target the urban citizens who seek only voice, SMS than SMS and data. It revolves around the digital positioning of the for those who want to set up cellular service again. Youth packaged offering a wholesome product that offered the country’s first Youth Center is much more than just basic cellular offerings. Add several affiliated partners across the country to offer discounts in more than 250 branded outlets contribute the most winning brand in the country. Being sure to offer discounts for youth and enticing value lifestyle will help save money in the pockets of amazing discounts. 

It will launch Ufone Uth package is going to be a wonderful bouquet unmatched offers and surprises for youth, which will delight our young people and offer them a valuable package, he said that indeed the will smile.

In this article we are going to share with Ufone Uth Pack SMS, Call and Internet Data Packages Details with Price how you can Activate on your Ufone Sim card.

According to reports, the new launch of the beginning of the youth package “Uth pack offer, the weekend after the first minutes of free calls, the user may number only Rs 5 for the young. On the other hand, listening to network all networks there is also an SMS 0.35 / SMS SMS tariff and the cost of 4,99 / MB which can be used to dramatically reduce the data rate.

Ufone Uth Call Packages

  • Ufone to Ufone FNF Friend and Family Number Call Rate: Rs.0.50 Rupees Per/ 30 sec + tax
  • Ufone to Other Networks FNF Friend and Family Number Call Rates: Rs.0.80 Rupees Per/ 30 sec
  • Ufone to Ufone Call Rate: Rs.1.30 Rupees Per/ 30 sec
  • Ufone to Other Network Call Rate: Rs.1.30 Rupees Per/ 30 sec

Ufone UTH Pack Package Details
Ufone to Ufone FNF
Rs.0.50 Rupees Per/ 30
Ufone to Other network
Rs.0.80 Rupees Per/ 30
Ufone to Ufone 
 Rs.1.30 Rupees Per/ 30 sec
Ufone to other network 
Rs.1.30 Rupees Per/ 30 sec

How to Subscribe Ufone Uth Pack FNF Package

Type FNF numbers have to add messages, the number of messages and send them to 36363. I have the option to add 10 FNF number. These are further divided on 5 and off-net network number on the net.
Charges: Rs. 10 + Tax

How to Active Uth Pack to another Uth Pack 

  • Ufone Uth Pack to another Uth Pack number after one minute free Call.
  • Dial *3553# From your Phone to Active Ufone UTH Pack offer.
  • Price: Rs.50 Rupees
  • Validity: 7 Days

Ufone Uth Pack SMS Packages

Ufone SMS offers daily, weekly for users, and the monthly Ufone Uth package. Latest live with speed around. There are six kinds of packages that are perfect for users SMS packages are available through the Youth Ufone SMS offer which can meet the needs of their budgets. Details are given below.

Ufone Daily Uth SMS Package

Just Type ‘Sub` and send it to 6820.
You Can Get 500 SMS With in Just Rs. 2+tax

Second Daily Uth SMS Pack
Type ‘sub’ Send it to 612.
600 SMS for all Network With in Just Rs. 1.99 + Tax

Third SMS Uth Pack 
Type ‘sub’ Send it to 605.
Get 1,600 SMS for all Networks With in Just Rs. 4.77+tax

Ufone Uth SMS Daily Package Details
Get 500 SMS With in
Just Rs.2+ Tax
Type ‘Sub` and send it to 6820.
Get 600 SMS With in
Just Rs.1.99+Tax
Type ‘sub’ Send it to 612.
Get 1600 SMs With in
Just Rs.4.77+tax
 Type ‘sub’ Send it to 605
24 hours

Ufone Uth Weekly SMS Packages

  • Just Type ‘sub’ it to 608.  to Subscribe Weekly Uth Pack SMS Package.
  • Charges: Rs. 10 + Tax
  • 1200 SMS for all Networks.
  • Validity: Weekly

Second Weekly Uth SMS Package
  • Just Type ‘Sub` to the 6830.
  • Charges: Rs.7+ Tax
  • Validity: Weekly

Ufone Uth Pack Monthly SMS Package

  • Just Type ‘sub’ it to 607.
  • Charges: Rs. 80 + Tax
  • Details: 9000 SMS
  • Validity: Monthly
Second Ufone Uth Monthly SMS Package
  • Type Sub` Send to 6840.
  • Charges: Rs.90+tax
  • Details: 10000 SMS
  • Validity: 30 Days

Ufone Uth Fortnightly Package

  • Type Sub Send it to 603 to activate 14 Days fortnightly Package.
  • Charges: Rs. 39.33 + tax
  • Details: 10,500 SMS 
  • Validity: 14 Days

Ufone Yearly Uth SMS Package

  • Just Type ‘sub’ Send it to 601.
  • Price: Rs. 666 + Tax
  • Details: 100000 SMS
  • Validity: Yearly

Ufone Uth Pack Internet Package

Daily Uth Pack internet Package
  • Simply Type ‘SUB’ Send it to 6850 to Active Daily uth pack internet data package.
  • Charges: Rs.10+Tax
  • Package Details: 200 MB Data
  • Validity: 1 day

Ufone Uth Pack Weekly internet Package

  • Just Type ‘Sub` Send it to the 6860 to Subscribe weekly uth internet package.
  • Charges: Rs.150+Tax
  • Details: 1.5GB Data
  • Validity: 7 Days

Ufone Uth Monthly Internet Package

  • Type ‘Sub` and send it to 6857 to Active Monthly Uth internet Package.
  • Charges: Rs.500+tax
  • Details: 6GB
  • Validity: Monthly
Note: Ufone users have the code * 3555 # to take advantage of these packages.

Terms and Conditions
  • Terms and Conditions will be apply on Ufone Uth Pack SMS Call Internet Data Packages.
  • Ufone Uth Pack SMS Call Internet Data Packages only for prepaid customers.
  • Ufone Uth Pack Activation Charges: Rs. 10+tax
  • Usually, they offer a net 4.99 per MB.

Conclusion: In this article we will give you best information about Latest Ufone Uth Pack SMS Call Internet Data Packages. Please share this New Ufone Uth Pack SMS Call Internet Data Packages with your family, friends and their loved one through Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitted and Instagram so that they can be entertained these services. if you feel any problem want know more information about this Ufone Uth Pack SMS Call Internet Data Packages Post then comment in below.
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