Ufone Super Sasta Package Subscription & Unsubscribe Details

 Ufone has introduced this new package Ufone Super Sasta Package, with which its customers. Ufone with quality of your signal range and voice is the best telecom network company. Because of its proper service, Ufone price range is higher than other networks, but if you are more conscious about the quality than the rates, never change the mentality of buying your new ufone prepaid sim and subscribe to ufone super-cheap packages. Just reading this article and get more information which is very important for all of you before buying for this package. Telecom companies always have different offers or packages for their users but generally they have not been able to deliver it at all low rates, but as one of the best telecom service providers they could never offer cheap phones, SMS and Internet packages. Considering the user’s requirement, ufone now introduces the “ufone super Sasta package” 


Ufone Super Sasta Package

The super Sasta  package of ufone offers a minimum call rate for all ufone customers. This package offers a minimum of 85 paise + taxes per day, 30 seconds 24 hours, without any daily charge, second ufone number and all your networks. One SMS can be sent to any network at the lowest rate of pacr 1.75 (tax included). The package can be activated by dialing the code. For all new and MNP cims of the network, the Superset package can be enabled on purchase of each new sim of the pre – phone. The package is already active and offers the lowest call rate for all networks, including the PTCL and the Ufone.
Ufone Customers this ufone super sasta package give you all affordable rate. It also gives you ufone and PTCL calls on using only rs.1.2 + tax 30 seconds, SMS international rs.2.03 + tax, SMS international rs.98 + taxes, SMS per MB, 25 MB till midnight.

How to Subscribe Ufone Sasta Package Offer

  • Simply Just Dial *5678# or purchase a new of Ufone SIM Card.
  • Package Information: Other Networks Call Rate Rs. 1.49 incl. tax  30 Sec 
  • SMS other network rate :Rs. 2.03+tax & International SMS Rate Rs. 5.98+tax 
  • Internet data : Rs. 2.75+tax per MB, when  usage of 25 MBs, 150 MBs free.
  • check remaining MB dial *707#.
Ufone and PTCL Call Rates Rs. 1.49 incl. tax  per 30 Sec
Other Telecom Networks Call Rates Rs. 1.49 incl. tax per  30 Sec
SMS Rates Rs. 2.03+tax
International Messages Rates Rs. 5.98+tax
 Internet data Rates Rs. 2.75+tax per MB, of 25 MBs, 150 MBs Valid till midnight
 To Active this Package Dial *5678# or purchase a new Ufone SIM



How to unsubscribe ufone super sasta package

  • If you want to unsubscribe ufone sasta package Just Dial 444.
Terms and Conditions 
  • Terms and Conditions will be apply on Ufone Sasta  Package.
  • Your Additional call setup Price of 12 paisa + tax will be charged on all calls.
  • The default Internet rate on all prepaid packages just rs. Is 512 KBS on the charging pulse of 2.75+ taxes per mb. on use 25 MBS you will get 150 MBS free. dial *707# to check rest resources.
  • Ufone Sasta Package valid for prepaid customers only.
  • rupees Standard charges of 11.95 apply to package conversion. No voice is available on this package. International direct dialing, data and SMS buckets and offers are available on this package. User pack or user package offers are not available on this package. The default Internet rate on all prepaid packages is rs. Is on the charging pulse of 2.75+ taxes per MB 512 kb. over use of 25mb 150mb till midnight.
Conclusion: In this article we will give you best information about Latest Ufone Super Sasta Package. Please share this New Ufone Super Sasta Package with your family, friends and their loved one through Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitted and Instagram so that they can be entertained these services. if you feel any problem want know more information about this Ufone Super Sasta Package Post then comment in below.
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