Telenor to telenor balance share code 2023| telenor balance share karne ka tarika

Telenor balance share karne ka tarika

Telenor balance share karne ka tarika In this website Article, we have expounded on the Telenor Balance Share Code. We have additionally made a well-ordered guide so as to encourage our perusers. Telenor has acquainted this administration all together with ensuring that none of their clients are denied correspondence with their friends and family. Telenor users can now effectively impart parity to one another whenever and any place. 

Telenor Smart Share is a unique offer from the company that facilitates balancing with Telenor. Telenor is a mobile phone company based in Norway and present in many countries including Pakistan. The number of Telenor subscribers has increased significantly in recent years. You can easily share your balance or credit with friends and family using the Telenor Smart Share feature. If you have a Telenor SIM, the Balance Share Code below allows you to share your balance. People who want to share their balance with friends and family can do so with the Telenor Balance Share Offer. We are going to tell you how you can share the balance with your friends and family.


Telenor is a great network, as it provides services to customers according to their needs. Telenor also offers great call plans, SMS packages, and internet packages. All these plans are offered at extremely very low prices. In addition to these services, Telenor also offers Telenor Balance Split, through which you can receive balances from friends or family if you do not have credit.


Telenor Balance Share With Code

To share your balance you just have to open your call log and have to enter, *1*1*NUMBER*Amount# and then have to press yes to share your Balance. A pop-up message will open immediately in which the company will confirm that you definitely share your balance? You must answer 1 to share your balance.


How to Share Balance Telenor to Telenor?

If you are using Telenor SIM or looking for a way to share Telenor Balance in Urdu then you can find the way to this website. To share the balance, you need to open the dial where most calls are received. To do this, type * 1 * 1 * number * amount # yes. If a message is opened on your screen, your reply will be 1 or this balance will be shared.
  • Firstly Open Phone Dialer then Dial *1*1*923xxxxxxxxx*Amount# then tpe 1 to confirm the balance transfer.
  • For example, to share Rs. 50.00 with a prepaid number 034516467, type and send: *1*1*923451233567*50# and press 1 to confirm the balance transfer to another number.
  • Service Charges: Rs. 5.98 incl. tax.
  • You can Minimum Share balance limits Rs.20/Transaction
  • Also, You Can Have a Maximum Share balance limit of Rs. 200/Transaction.
  • You can Maximum the amount transfer in one day only R.s.200.
Service Name Telenor Balance Share Code
How to Share Balance Dial *1*1*Number*Amount#
after type 1 to confirm the balance transfer.
Charges Rs. 5.98 incl. tax
Minimum Share balance limits Rs.20
Maximum Share balance limit Rs. 200/
one day Limit Share balance 10 times a day.


Terms and Conditions
  • To activate SmartShare on your Telenor prepaid subscription, call 345 or visit any Telenor Sales & Service Center.
  • The prices square measure excluding all taxes.
  • Balance Share Service for prepaid users only.
  • You can transfer the balance between rupees. 20.00 to Rs. 200.00.
  • Smart shares can be used up to 10 times a day.
  • Receivables can be used for voice, SMS, or digital services.
  • The balance will remain valid for the same period of time.
  • Standard taxes would be Applied on every all dealing.
  • Codes will be modified by Telenor anytime!.
  • Company’s Terms and Conditions apply and might be browsing on the Telenor website.
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