Telenor Monthly IMO Package Subscription & Unsub Code


Telenor Monthly IMO Package

Telenor Pakistan has introduced an interesting offer for its customers. Telenor Monthly IMO Bundle is suitable for people who use IMO for video calls. In this hour of need, when people are forced to take social distances, video calling is preferred to meet their daily needs. Now share unlimited conversations, memes and voice notices on your favorite app “IMO” by subscribing to the “Telenor Monthly IMO Package” with Telenor. No one can stop you from connecting with your friends.

IMO, which was built in 2005 and as a web-based application Facebook Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, and Skype chat. It is developed by Page Bytes and requires a phone number to verify the user’s account. In March 2014, the third-party messaging networks support ended. In January 2018, the app reached 500 million installs.

Telenor Imo Monthly Package

Telenor now for users who just want to IMO on your SIM package. Monthly IMO has brought an offer for them. IMO app that the user does not have to use 2000 MB for 45 PKR. Keep people connected. This time, Telenor has brought IMO monthly bundle. Enjoy the full month of instant messaging and video chat freedom at IMO right now.

How to Subscribe Telenor Monthly Imo Package?

  • Just Dial *466# from your Phone to Subscribe Telenor Monthly Imo Package.
  • Package Information: 2GB for imo app
  • Charges: Rs. 45 incl. tax
  • Validity 30 Days
  • Enjoy video calling and messaging with the best monthly IMO package. Now you can send memes, video calls and audio notes all day and all night throughout the month on your favorite app. More se Zyada Say hello to tension free texting and chatting!
Package Name Volume  Price Duration How to Activation/Subscription Code
Telenor Monthly Imo Package 2000MB internet Rs.45 incl. tax 30 Days To Subscribe, Dial  *466#

How to Check Remaining Imo MBs?

If you Want to Check your monthly imo mbs details just dial *999# to check remaining mbs.

How to Unsubscribe Telenor Monthly Imo Package?

Offer will be automatically Deactivate once it expires. or Install My telenor App from Playstore and unsub imo package.

Terms and Conditions
  • Terms and Conditions will be apply on Telenor Imo monthly Package.
  • Telenor Imo monthly Package only for prepaid customers.
  • If resources run out before the package expires, the customer will be charged 1 / MB including. Taxes until the end of the package.
  • It offers various subscriptions resources and authenticity are independent of each other, and they will not integrate.
  • This package can be subscribed more than once.
  • Packages may change at any time.
  • Billing system allocates a portion of the data resources available in your package MB when you open the Access / every application or website on their device all available MB bundles are allocated in these usage cases. can. Therefore, charging at standard rates may apply if the user case / app / website is accessed.
  • Once standard rate charging has started, a notification will be sent along with relevant offers to avoid further consumption at standard rate.
  • Consumers will be notified about the use of resources on consumption from the 80 and 100 consumption bundles so that immediate action can be taken to avoid standard rate charging.

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