How to Unblock Easypaisa Account – Change or Reset Easy Paisa Account Pin Code

 Change or Reset Easy Paisa Account Pin Code

Can’t open your Easypaisa account for some reason? Or did you forget the pin? Account suspended? If you want to reset or unblocked your EasyPaisa account PIN code, let me tell you how to recover your EasyPaisa, Pakistan’s first mobile banking platform, it was launched in 2009, The only GSMA mobile money in the country is a certified service. Originally launched as a money transfer service, Easy Money empowers unsecured people by bringing convenience and freedom into their lives, and today it is known as Money Transfer. which is synonymous with convenience and reliability.

What is the Easy Paisa PIN Code?

When you create an EasyPaisa account, the customer will be asked to create a 5 digit PIN code for their EasyPaisa mobile account. Easy Pisa Pin Code is similar to ATM PIN Code, this encrypted PIN code will be used to allow all transactions with EasyPaisa mobile account. Any transaction will be possible without this pin code. It is important that the customer does not share this PIN with anyone.

Why is your Easy Paisa blocked or Suspended?

There may be a number of reasons why EasyPaisa suspended or blocked your account. First, enter the wrong password each time, then block your account Second If they detect any suspicious activity on your phone, you may have an account suspension issue. If you are using multiple Easypaisa accounts on the same mobile phone, prepare yourself for the issue of Easypaisa account suspension. these are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use.

How to Unblock Reset or Change Easy Paisa Pin Code?

How to Unblock Easypaisa Account - Change or Reset Easy Paisa Account Pin Code

If you want to send money or check your balance, they will ask you for a PIN code. You can then enter any number instead of the PIN code each time until they block your PIN code. now if you want to change or reset your pin code. we are sharing two easy methods to reset your Easypaisa account pin. just follow simple steps.

Eaypaisa Rest your Pin Code Unblocked Account

  • Just Open Dialer and Dail *786# from your phone.
  • After Show All Menu you just type 6 Select My Account option

  • Now you see the First option Mange Pin Just Type 1 Select Mange Pin Option then click on the send button.

  • After you have to show a popup new page for reset your code Enter a 13-digit CNIC number for verification. Next, enter a new 5-digit PIN and confirm reset the PIN that will reactivate your account.

  • Now Successfully Reset your password pin code.

Second Method Change pin code Unblocked Account through Easypaisa Application

Another best and easy way to reset your easy paisa account pin code is just to follow simple steps.

EasyPaisa App, EasyPaisa is transforming into a complete lifestyle platform that allows people across Pakistan to truly embrace the digital lifestyle. EasyPaisa is part of Telenor Microfinance Bank and acts as a branchless banking service. EasyPaisa is driven by the Bank’s vision and mission to transform the country’s financial landscape and provide instant access to easy digital financial services.

  • Just open Easy Paisa App And Type your Number then click on Proceed button.

  • After open the new page now they ask to enter your pin code you have also show “don’t remember pin”? forget pin Just click on it.

  • Now-Again Open New Page They ask for your CNIC number just type your 13-digit CNIC Number then Click on Proceed Button.

  • After verification Open New Tab now you enter your new 5-digit  pin code 2 times then click on the reset your pin button. after unblocked your easy paisa account.

Last Method for Easypaisa Account Suspended Unblocked 

 If you’re having trouble with an account suspension on the EasyPaisa app, just call. or In case, the customer needs to call the Easypaisa Helpline (3737) to log in to request a PIN reset. The customer will receive a confirmation call from the banking team within 1 hour and upon successful confirmation, a new PIN will be delivered to the customer.

For merchants 345-545 (accessible from Telenor numbers)
Helpline number 021 / 042 / 051  111-003-737

If you have contacted Easypaisa Customer Support but they have advised you to visit the nearest Telenor Microfinance Bank. All you have to do is prepare an apology and visit the nearest Telenor Bank with your CNIC and your EasyPais account will be easily Unblocked. So You must visit the EasyPaisa Telenor microfinance bank franchise or else you can follow this tutorial to block an EasyPaisa account online.

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