How to Reverse Easypaisa Transaction


In today’s article we will share with you very important and necessary information from which you can send money without any tax or deduction and even if it is sent by mistake, it can be called back. So before starting the discussion about the whole process of sending and receiving money through this online without banking system transaction we talk about easypaisa application and its networking across the world. Easypaisa is an online payment transaction facility that is beginning in Pakistan and it has a network across the world. In this system of the transaction, there is no need for banking and office regulations. Easypaisa was organized in 2009 in Pakistan by telecommunication networking company Telenor in alliance with a local bank of Pakistan. Tameer Bank is a partner with Telenor in easypaisa application and all its networking. Later in 2017, their corporation was Renaissance to Telenor microfinance bank Ltd.

It similarly gives digital money transfer assistance through the Quick Response code method which is applicable all over the world. Because it provides quick services to several business firms, organizations, and individuals. This is all due to the latest technologies they used in their web portals and applications. In addition, they not only provide quick reaction services but also security and safety in using their online programs.

Easypaisa also correlates with this program with quick response with the master card. Master card also a worldwide recognized financial organization which help and certified these firm which provides their customers online payment transaction services. Everywhere in the world where online business services are provided to their customers and e payment facility is available, they must be employed with MasterCard assistance in their businesses.  Easypaisa is insured with a Global system of mobile authorization. so easypaisa is associated with them due to the Telenor network. 

Originally easypaisa was inaugurated as an online payment transaction assistance by the way of unstructured supplementary services data tracks. Then it was an operation in different ways of economic advancement as an entertainer for the public. This official assistance of online money transactions was operated in 2016. Their basic purpose is to promote a branchless system of online banking because more services and securities regarding payment can be provided by this method. Easypaisa is associated with one of the world’s largest corporations with more than one billion customers and users gathering. 

They are business fellows in online transactions of selling and buying with the worlds leading business groups like Ali baba and Amazone are operating with these sites. They give their people a digital safe payment lifestyle. But in recent years of 2019, this company was founded in some terror activities in case of funding transactions. So it was prohibited by the government of Pakistan due to some international community strength. This difficult action was taken by the government of Pakistan because this kind of act disturbs Pakistan’s economic growth and development. These are the main reasons due to which multinational companies are not interested in launching their units in Pakistan.

Reverse Transactions From EasyPaisa;

How to Reverse Easypaisa Transaction

Now discuss the complete procedure for calling back their online transactions that are made through this easypaisa application. This feature of easypaisa makes it unique from all other sites which are in Pakistan. Because they don’t give their customers any kind of surety regarding this problem. Even they have no solution for this situation. So because of these extraordinary features, easypaisa has become more popular among all other applications for online transactions.

Now you have a very simple procedure for their online transactions through this application because you need just to open the application either from your face recognition lock or fingerprint lock. Then you just insert your receiver mobile account number and select the amount you want to send to a recipient then they require your identification number or pin code for successful transaction of payment. So this is a very simple process you can apply to their smartphones.

Those users of the easypaisa application who send transactions at the wrong number and depressing for their payments, so they don’t need to be worried about their payment. easypaisa application gives you a chance that during 24 hours of transaction you can call back your transaction from their services by following these procedures in detail, 

First, you cancel your transaction and start following these steps, 

  • Note an important thing on your notebook that your TRX id through which you send money to another account. There is no Little chance of a mistake in this TRX number.
  • Then you call at easypaisa helpline to reverse this transaction urgently. There is some little difference in calling at their helpline for their users, 
  • If you are a Telenor network user you can avail of this facility by calling 3737 then tell them all conditions.
  • While if you are a user of other networks then you just call at 042-111-003737 then they will respond to you related to your problem.
  • So after connecting the call with their helpline according to your network then you said them to cancel your online payment transactions.
  • And tell them the complete TRX is of your payment transaction to the helpline caller.
  • Then just wait for few minutes and you will receive your payment again in few minutes in your account.

*TRX id of Easy Paisa;

TRX id is specifically launched for their customer safety and surety. Because when you send your paint to any account then it will be transferred by TRX transaction number. The only purpose of this number is to sure your transaction to the right person. So when you complain to the helpline agent then track your transaction through your TRX id and retransfer your amount to your digital wallet.


Now we talk about the online services they provide in their application for their more than 10million customers in Pakistan such as if we just open this easypaisa application in their android mobile phone they give a lot of extreme latest version of the technology in this application as we can open this application by face recognition lock and further with your fingerprint locks. These features attract more users to this application because you can send your balance through a debit card in your easypaisa wallet at any time at any place. And further you can use this application for paying your online bill for any public site with just one push of a button.

*Debit card Sahulat;

Easypaisa users can easily avail of this service on their mobile phones at their place. Because by using this card service you do not need to pay any kind of transaction expenditures because you can transfer your funds from your bank cards to their easypaisa mobile account. And the most important thing is that this transaction method is safe and secure.

*Recieve Daily Cash Back;

With other extreme features, easypaisa also has a good activity for their users because they collect their cash back with daily push on tap bar of cashback in its application. And know all details of how much payment you have been received through this application.

*Mobile Easy Load;

This feature of this application makes it unique from other online transaction services because it provides a great easiness for its users. Because you can do your easy load transaction at their home to these networks like Telenor jazz, Zong, and Ufone. It provides great comfort for their customers because you do not need to go to any retailer for the mobile easy load. you can do it yourself at their with your smartphone at several mentioned networks.

*Digital Money Transfer;

Through easypaisa, you can send your payments to any side of the country. Because they have a vast network in all kinds of areas. And there is no restriction on the transfer of payments from mobile account to bank account and also from mobile network account to your national identity card number. So this is the only service in Pakistan that provides this easiness of online transactions.

*Offers By Easypaisa;

Easypaisa application gives some services regarding your mobile bundles, SMS service packages on different mobile networks with limited discounts proposes by networks within the easypaisa application.

*Tohfa by Easypaisa;

When Easypaisa gives other offers then it is another more attractive offer for families and friends for transferring payments from friends to friends and among different families at their special events. So these are some special impressive things that easypaisa do for their customers.

*Divide Bill With Friends;

Easypaisa application gives an amazing offer for their customers regarding your online payments and transactions with different quick response payments and in bus tickets discounts. You can share these discount tickets with your ten friends.

*Top-ups with Easypaisa;

Top-ups is wonderful amazing service employed by easypaisa for their customer on different online transport service booking like for careem or Uber.

*Invite and Earn from Easypaisa;

Easypaisa is an online mobile digital wallet for their customers which gives an outstanding free offer to their users in free cash earning on their easypaisa application by inviting your friends and family members by your invitation link. Because in its reward easypaisa will give you payment according to your invited persons.

*Quick Response Payments with Easypaisa;

Now easypaisa updated his all transaction methods with quick response actions. So it provides great efficacy in its online transactions. And as they install this service for their consumers And they also amazing offers on its utilization.

*Pay Bill With Easypaisa;

This is a good service that is almost provided by all online mobile wallets available in Pakistan. So this easypaisa application also has this beautiful opportunity for their users because this is a basic need for users either they belong from the area of the country. So easypaisa provide these services in these National and private departments of Pakistan Like;

* Lahore, Electric Power Supply Company is available at this service for paying online bills. And Multan electric power company, Faisalabad electric power company, Gujranwala electric power company and like that all other electric power supply companies from all over the country are associated with this service. And one of the famous private housing projects in Pakistan like Bahria Town also provides this facility for their customers to avail themselves at easypaisa application. And Sui northern Gas Departments of Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhton Kiawah and Balochistan are also facilitated their people with this opportunity for their convenience. 

And All other networking companies which are operated in Pakistan are connected with this application for their online payment transactions. This service is not confined to these organizations but also you can enjoy this service at any Utility Store and Shopping Centre for their convenience because some people feel the problem in carrying big cash with themselves for shopping so they use this online mobile Wallet. And like this PTCL and other related to this networking site provide this service to their customer for proper use of online transactions. As we discuss above regarding easypaisa is available on any platform of business and public forum. So this service is now reached at Theatre tickets and movies pre-booking online tickets by this easypaisa application. And Bus ticket service is available for a long time for their customers. And other public and special clubs and event complex tickets are also available for online purchasing.

If we discuss in detail Cinemas online tickets availability in Pakistan in different cities is Centaurus Cineplex cinema located at Islamabad, Arena Cinema at The Bahria Town in different cities of Pakistan and Universal cinemas either in Multan, Lahore and Faisalabad this service is a full time available in these Cinemas. Bus services are available on this application include Daewoo, Bilal Daewoo, Sky Ways Transport Service and Q connect transport company give their customers this discounted ticket service on their smartphones.

*Even insurance companies working in Pakistan has easy access to the easypaisa application for funds sharing in society. Insurance companies are known for their services regarding life safety and security.

*And Different NGOs working in Pakistan are also connect their link with their bank accounts. Because anyone from anywhere in the world can donate their funds and helps to their respective persons through this secure and safe system.

 Different foundations like Saylani, Edhi, and Shaukat Khanum are linked through this application.

•–Outcome From this Article: 

In this article, we cover all aspects of the easypaisa application and its amazing offers. First of all, easypaisa gives the online mobile digital wallet to their customers and its association to the world recognised web portals and software. Easypaisa introduces all updated features in its application which are almost not available in other related applications. Easypaisa is affiliated with master cards which is an online financial 

Software Development Corporation gives its features to such online mobile digital wallets for the public to convenience. Quick response service is available at easypaisa is totally for the customer’s care and safety. And its privacy and protection are covered by Face recognition and fingerprint sensors, so easypaisa is a safe and protective means of the online transaction. In this article, we discussed the online services provided by the Easypaisa

application. Like easypaisa is available for different services like online utility bill payments and digital Sahulat debit cards. Easypaisa is associated with online bus tickets and other local transport transactions. Easypaisa is connected with a bundle of public offers on different networks. Easypaisa uses for the transactions of public and private projects transactions like all kinds of electricity bills in Pakistan can be paid by easypaisa. And the most important and attractive thing about easypaisa is that it proposes many families and friends offer to their customers. And finally, we revise the transaction method of easypaisa so for this purpose firstly you open the easypaisa application and put your recipient number in a specific space on this application page.

 Then add the amount you want to send your partner and after this put your specific code and select the purpose for which you want to this payment. And the most important thing of today’s article is that if anyone transacts his money to someone wrong account of easypaisa then he would be easily recovered his money from that wrong account. The procedure for this action is simple immediately cancel the transaction and note your account TRX id number by you send your amount to another account.

 Then if you are a user of the Telenor network in Pakistan you should be calling 3737 helplines they will respond to you and ask for your TRX id number to reverse this transaction into your account. If you have another mobile network then you should dial 042-111-003737 and the next procedure is the same. So hopefully your transaction must be recalled to your account. And we are thankful to all our readers because they consider our little effort to be useful for them and don’t forget to appreciate this struggle. Also, stay tuned to our channel to read more articles and stay abreast of daily routines.

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