Telenor quiz Today 19 September 2021 Questions Answers

  Telenor quiz on 19 September 2021 Questions Answers

Telenor quiz Today 19 September 2021 Questions Answers

In this informative article, I will provide you with the answers to the Telenor quiz on 19 September 2021. I’ll give you the right answers to the questions available in my Telenor app. After answering my Telenor app questions correctly, you will receive a gift in return. In the next paragraph, you will find answers to the Telenor quiz. On this page, you’ll find answers to all your questions my telenor app. If you want to win gifts on a daily basis, visit this site on a daily basis.

How to Get Free MB Internet data on Telenor App 19 September 2021?

If you want to configure the Telenor Quiz app today and get a free MB of internet data, all you need to do is install the Telenor app on your mobile or PC. You can find it on the Internet. If you get it on your mobile for the first time, you get time to get 500 free MB. You can check all offers on the internet with this app. You can add additional SIM offers to this app. In addition to the internet offerings, there are many additional benefits that you can pay for your home and many other benefits of the My Telenor app.

Let me show you all the ways you can get free MB internet from my Telenor app every day. Here are the steps:

  • Just open my Telenor application or open it.
  • You need to mark the key to your abilities.
  • Here are five (5) questions on your app.
  • You need to answer these questions correctly.
  • If you answer the questions correctly, you get 50 MB or 100 MB free internet data.

Let me tell you the answer to the upcoming Telenor quiz these days, so you can get free internet MB. We update the correct answers to all the questions on daily basis. We update the correct answers to all questions correctly at all times and do not find them incorrect.

I uploaded the correct answers to my Telenor app questions at 12:05 on this website. So, stay connected to my website because I have published answers every day. Available MBs for a day will then be disconnected from the app and you will not be able to use them.

Telenor Quiz Today Questions Answers 19  September 2021 – Telenor Quiz Today

Question No 1.Which country did Silk originate from?


Correct Answer: China

Question No 2.Where are Cashmere and Pashmina sheeps found?

Gobi Desert

Correct Answer:Gobi Desert

Question No 3.What is a snug, usually brimless cap called?

Cowboy hat

Correct Answer:Beanie

Question No 4.Which of these odd ones out?


Correct Answer:Shorts

Question No 5.Pick out the winter wear from the following?

T shirt
Flip Flops

Correct Answer:Mittens

Telenor Quiz Answers Today 19 September 2021

On the My Telenor app, you currently solve Telenor queries and provide the correct answers on the Telenor app which checks questions on a daily basis on the internet data or on this website. This website gives you the right answers to your questions. By answering these queries, you will get some free MB from the Telenor app.

Telenor Skill test  App, we will discuss the Telenor Quiz Answer Series in full. If you want to know the questions of Telenor Quiz then you can visit this site daily. You will find all questions and answers on this website. If you answer correctly, you will get a free internet MBS.

Remember Things Regarding Telenor App

  • If you answer a question incorrectly, you won’t be able to get a free MB.
  • You have to have a balance of Rs. 0.01 in your sim card. 
  • You can use MB for free in one day.
  • Choose one by one carefully.
  • You must confirm an answer before selecting a selection on the My Telenor app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

On which website do we get Telenor quiz correct answers daily?

Answers are made up of different platforms so that our users can get the right answers. By typing these answers on the Telenor app, I get 50 MB or 100 MB of free internet. You can get 50 MB or 100 MB without using these answers

Can Telenor app get free MB?

Yes, you can get free internet data MB from my Telenor application but you need to answer your skill questions correctly. If you can’t answer correctly then you can’t get Telenor Free MB data.

How to get free internet MB from My Telenor app in Pakistan?

If you want to get Telenor free MB on the internet, you have to answer the quiz questions of Telenor app correctly.

How Many MB Can We Get From My Telenor App Competition?

If you answer the questions correctly, you will get one hundred MB for one day or at least fifty MB that you can use for a single day. Maybe one day your record will be easily lost and then you will have to answer the Telenor Quiz app correctly again.

Are the answers to the Telenor quiz correct or incorrect today?

In the present era, the answers to the Over Telenor Quiz are absolutely correct. You can get free MB of internet data on my Telenor application.


The purpose of this post is to provide the Telenor user with the correct responses to the Telenor questionnaire from September 19, 2021 to test their skills. In this article, you have learned the correct answers to today’s Telenor Quiz application that you can use to get free MB Internet from the Telenor application. Thanks for reading our publication and visiting our website.
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