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 The Telenor Quiz Today ?

28 May Telenor Quiz Today answers | my telenor quiz today

Today we will talk about something about Telenor, how you can solve the Telenor quiz and make your own MB and how you can give its effect. We provide you all the details on this page. You will need to read it to the bottom which will be of great benefit to you. Now let’s talk about the earnings of Telenor Quiz. Telenor App Taylor has an option that you can click on your The quiz will come in front of you which when you get something from Telenor completely you get some MBs and and in this post we have all the details Month of  Telenor effort you get it If you are thinking of getting it on a daily basis then you will need to visit it. Telenor Answers The answers to the questions of this post are easily found. Telenor Quiz Today I saw a new future in my new app. If you answer any question correctly, you will get a free MB for internet.

You can get free MBS for internet when you complete it and all your questions are correct. This service has become very popular in Pakistan and its popularity has become very common among the people. Has started to take more interest in My Telenor Apps today. Telenor Answers of  Answers to the questions on Hundred Percent to get accurate and free MB of My Telenor Apps We present to you. Telenor Company has introduced an app which has been modified by Telenor Company for a long time. Its popularity has become very common in Pakistan because Telenor is a watch action which we can only get for free free MB type.

Today telenor answer

In this article we will discuss Telenor’s questions and answers for  , 2021 and help you find out all the answers to the Telenor test so you can learn more about it. You will need to follow this article and to test your expertise in Telenor’s , 2021 Telenor Quiz, you will need to give Telenor the correct answer and choose the right one. Will need you to get free MBs because Telenor people have chosen it to increase the general knowledge of the people so you can increase your general knowledge.

And to get free MB Telenor get them on a daily basis and answer it and benefit from free MB We will show you some ways to get free MB on this page And we will share with you the correct answers to the  questions and answers so that you can get a free MB by clicking on these answers. All you need to do is install the Telenor app in your mobile. The following are some of the options you will need to go to an element.

How to The get MBs From My Telenor APP?

Telecom and technology is disintegrating day by day in Pakistan. Similarly, Telenor has chosen someone to clean up the growing technology and knowledge and the answers to the nar quiz. Answers of Telenor today we will share with all of you friends from which you will know about the answers with the help of this article. Will get you free MB so first you have to stay with this article to know more details Telenor Answers 2021 No Skills Test Telenor app is providing correct answers where You will need to select the correct action and My Telenor will get MB from you.

When you right click on your beauty, you will get the next question. Then you will need to choose the answers to five different questions from the Telenor app and Telenor is easy to win free MB. Questions from the Gay My Telenor app are updated daily from 12:00 in the morning and end at 12 at night and then resume the next day. Each question has four options to which you can select the correct option You have to provide the correct answers by 12:00 in the morning. Go to the Telenor app and solve it and also visit my site because I update the answers daily. If you answer every question correctly, my telenor. Telenor will give you free MB with which you can run internet. 

And on you can solve it and use free MB and run free internet. It is fifty and one hundred MB and sometimes it happens. When we don’t have internet, it is for us. They are enough for us. They are the cause of our happiness. Don’t miss this opportunity and take full advantage of this opportunity.

My Telenor App?

My Telenor app is a My Telenor of Pakistan’s Telenor SIM Pakistan’s Telenor is the best SIM on which we use the internet to communicate with each other via SIM and also communicate with other countries if If we don’t have a SIM in our mobile, we can’t connect to each other and we have another option. The Internet can communicate with each other through social media because of the way the world develops over time. It has remained the same and other social things will not develop day by day, so the world cannot move forward like this, you say. The internet is also a social blade form through which we can sit down and do many things, use them, communicate with each other, if we don’t have MB to run the internet. We can never run the internet.

If I don’t have MB in our mobile then we can never run internet because it is very important to have MB facility. Any mobile SIM needs internet package. Similarly, Telenor app also has My Telenor. Introducing some options within the app through which you can get free MB. The biggest action is that we will click on the free MB. We have 20 MBs on a daily basis. If we claim them on a daily basis, we will not get a free MB, but it is important that we have it. If we don’t have a penny in our SIM, we can’t get less MB, so it is important that we have a penny in our balance in our account on a daily basis, then we can get free MBs.

And the second biggest way we get free MB from the My Telenor app is Telenor which we also call General Knowledge Questions and also the Quiz. if we have a blue color on the side of Telenor. If we click on the color, a Telenor will appear in front of us. If we do, we will be given a box in which there are different kinds of prizes which we also call in common language. Whether they give us 50 MB & 100 MB or messenger it depends on them but the biggest hypocrisy is that we can use free MB.Based on no money without any package so we need to solve it in. If we solve it properly then we will be given the form of free MB so it is important that We use free MB.

Telenor answers today

When we open it, we will have number wise five days. We have to solve these five days in the right way. If any one of these five years option goes wrong, another one will tell us. This means that we are not worthy of it. We start the next day after twelve o’clock. It goes to this world, just like today, and the next day, At the top of the base we will also be given. Today we will tell you about getting free MB on this page, how you can solve this and get a complaint and we are with you at the very end of today. Here are some questions that you can solve by clicking on these options.

Step To Get Telenor Question?

If you have My Telenor app installed on your mobile then you can easily give it to him and if you don’t have Telenor installed on your mobile then you can install green apps from Telenor App Play Store Need to install public telenor app then hopefully you will also be given the pleasure of installing my telenor when you start it then you can choose this one and then you will come If you are creating one, we will tell you the following about how to solve it.

  • Open The My Telenor App
  • You will see Test your Skill Button on right side the app
  • Click Test Your Skill &
  • Now the Questions appear on screen

  • This is 5 questions every question has 5 options in the Test Quiz
  • You have answer these questions correctly.
  • You must have answer these the questions correctly
  • After the answer & questions you will get the free MBs
  • They have  answer & the questions
  • Answer these five questions will give 100 MBs to the 50 MB of Free internet on Only My Telenor App

When you follow the install, you will solve it again. We can tell you the following on so we can and we can get it.

Today 2021 My Telenor App All Question & Answer?

Question No.1:Who plays protagonist in the “Mission Impossible” Series?

JD Kobe

Tom Hanks

Tom Cruise

Jerry Law

AnswerTom Cruise

Question No.2: How many Avengers were shown in the first Avengers Movie?





Answer: 6

Question No.3: Who is the oldest actor in Hollywood?

Brad Pitt

Will Smith


Tom Hanks

Answer: N.Lloyd

Question No.4:Which 1948 Alfred Hitchock movie Starred james Stewart and was shot to look like one Continuous take?






Question No.5: What is the name of Qunit’s Shark-hunting boat in jaws?






Keep In The Mind?

1.  You answered a single question wrong then you can not be any data charge

2. You should 0.01 Paisa or 1 paisa balance in Your sim

3. The Mbs win will be valid only for one day

4. The Answer all questions carefully 1 by 1

5. Must confirm the answer from website before going the next question

(The Frequently Asked Questions? )

Where you got these answers?

We’ve got all the answers for you from our research on different platforms. We’ve verified that these answers are absolutely correct and you can choose them. You can get one hundred and fifty or one hundred MB on the base which you can use without any hesitation and any of your own and you can get free MB and internet only after we check you. Have shared their thoughts. These are the right questions. You can choose them. You will not face any problem.

Why you the provide these answers?

We are providing you these answers useful information for general knowledge purposes. You can use these answers to win Internet MB because when we don’t have internet at all, it is enough for us that we use WhatsApp. But we can talk to a friend from time to time or even a few of us due to an emergency can be very useful for us so you can use them without you and win a free MB by doing this option.

How much data do we get because of this quiz?

When you solve all the questions in your quiz and all your questions are correct, then you are rewarded. If even one of your five questions is wrong, you will be rewarded. Will not be given because it is a thin test quiz of My Telenor app. When you answer these questions correctly then you will be presented with that box as a reward and If you open MB you will be rewarded in the form of MB. These MBs are 50, there are 100 and there are 150 and there can be more. If they have a special quest then they can give you a lot of MBs for you to solve it. Give it to your SIM so you can solve this quiz and get free internet.


We’ve shared with you all the questions from the My Telenor app of the case, which allows you to tick the element of these questions inside your mobile phone and give you a free MB. This is the question they shared on their mobile Telenor app after midnight on. When you solve these questions, your free benefits questions will be correct. So you will be given free MB. We have shared the answers to all the questions with you above. If you also want to get a free MB, answer the above questions correctly on your My Telenor app and take advantage of the free MB. Now you can get free MB by solving these answers. Thanks.

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