The best sites to download free pdf books download any book for free pdf

The best sites to download free pdf books download any book for free pdf
The best sites to download free pdf books download any book for free pdf

In recent years, resistance to E-learning has decreased and the possibilities of accessing this type of literary resources have expanded. Some platforms offer titles options to download and English, compiling digital books (also called e-books) from authors who authorized free and free download, and also books that due to the expiration of copyright legal, free and free movement is possible.

Not all sites that offer digital books are truthful when it comes to the legality of the free digital books they offer. That is why we select these that we leave below, along with a description about what you can find in each one.

best sites list to download free pdf books download


On this page there are not only free books to download, but also read recommendations, discuss and participate in different groups.


In this portal you will have access to more than a million free online books on various topics.


On this page, in addition to downloading books, you can read articles, interviews with book authors and reviews.


Unlike other pages, in Whichbook, user recommendations are based on emotions and elements of the books. You can also search for lists and authors, and create your own list of books.


It makes available to the reader a total of approximately sixty thousand free electronic books. Registration on the site is not necessary, and although most of the books it offers are in English, Spanish versions can be found. 

It is the oldest digital library, created in 1971. It is oriented in principle to expose historical literature and important works. The vast majority of digitizations of the works are carried out by volunteers from the platform and one can become one if they believe in the usefulness of the project.


It is a platform managed by the Wikimedia Foundation, which by name is not difficult to relate to the free encyclopedia Wikipedia, also run by them. It contains a large number of free digital books , they do not offer paid versions, and they can be selected by country, thus finding Argentine authors easily.

The online store has many books that have a zero sale value, that is, “zero”. It doesn’t have the biggest variety among the others that offer free ebooks, but perhaps you can find one that you are looking for and that cannot be downloaded from another platform or website.


It is an online library of digital books, although it also has other types of content such as music, movies and software. One of the objectives is that all the content that currently exists on the internet is stored, is not lost over time and that everyone can access it. All content respects copyright.


It offers the possibility of publishing your book, making the digital edition. The important thing about this site, and why we include it in this list, is that it also offers free digital books, respecting the rules of copyright.



They offer free books under the ideal that knowledge, as the cultural heritage of peoples, should be shared and accessible to all.


In this virtual platform you can find from magazines, newspapers to books for free.


This online library is ideal for accessing scientific articles from around the world.


One of its main advantages is that it is not necessary to have an account to access the page. In case you want to make an account, you can make a list with the books you read or with your favorite texts.


Among its advantages are the fact that your works have copyleft (distribution of copies and modified versions of a work or other work) and can be downloaded in .pdf format.

Certainly, technology and, mainly, the Internet have facilitated access to knowledge. As long as copyright is respected, you can access countless reading material.

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