How to successfully launch a company fan page? | facebook page launch announcement

How to successfully launch a company fan page? | facebook page launch announcement
How to successfully launch a company fan page? | facebook page launch announcement

The more people follow your profile and regularly read your posts, the more potential customers you get. A good way to get new users is to send invitations to people who like your content (positive comments). Of course, many of them are already among your fans, but some accidentally hit your profile. “Hold” them on the site by sending an invitation immediately after they reply to your message.

Tips for launching a new facebook page

How to successfully launch a company fan page? Not without interesting, exciting emotions. For example, if you run a pet food and accessories store, invite your readers to post photos of their sleeping pet in the comments. Sleeping cats and dogs are an extremely emotional sight, therefore all animal lovers, including those who have not yet become fans of your profile, will be happy to take part in the action.

In addition to recordings, post funny videos or tutorials, quizzes, and photos representing your products to use on your fan page. To successfully launch a fan page, it’s also worth organizing contests  however, pay attention to the rules, which clearly indicate what can and should not be done on Facebook. If you run a store, Create attractive promotions for your products, such as a few percent discount in exchange for liking and commenting on a post. You can also post interesting games that will encourage other users to stay on your fan page.

Unfortunately, even the most interesting content can have the opposite effect if it appears too often. Facebook is still a social medium, and most users use it for entertainment purposes. That’s why spamming with a dozen posts per hour and flooding fans with a collage of several dozen photos at the same time is a bad idea. Publish posts regularly (for example, every 2-3 days) and be sure to on weekends when users have more time to view Facebook. Bet on quality, not quantity otherwise, instead of reacting to likes or sharing, your fan will stop following your page.

By analyzing Facebook statistics, you can find out what time your fans are most active, which will help you plan your post. You will find out how many people answered and commented on the message, and thus check which types of messages evoke the greatest emotions. Statistics will help you evaluate the reach of your profile and tell you what content users want to receive. You can also analyze the popularity of competitors on Facebook by checking the increase in the number of likes on your pages. Skillful use of statistics will help you create an effective profile with content optimally tailored for your fans.

Of course, there are other ways to successfully create a company fan page. However, remember that even an attractive profile can scare away users if you do not communicate with them. Therefore, if possible, respond to the comments of your readers and be sure to respond to private messages. Your fans should feel that the site is alive and designed specifically for them.

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