Are Phone Unlocking Websites Safe or not?

Do you want to unlock your phone? Is unlocking your phone safe? Are you confused about how to unlock your phone with a website? All these answers are here.

Is Unlocking Your Phone Safe and Legal?

Unlocking your cellphone is safe, legal, and gives you more control over what you do with your device. You need to unlock your phone if you want to switch carriers or use it internationally without roaming fees. Whether you have the latest iPhone or an old Samsung Galaxy, your phone should be unlocked. is a great site to get this done.

The biggest concern most people have when getting their phone unlocked is whether or not it’s safe. The answer is yes, getting your phone unlocked online is safe and legal – given that you’re using the right website.

There are numerous myths that phone unlocking websites aren’t safe to use and could put your data at risk. This is just not true – unless you’ve landed on a scam site, which you’ll avoid by reading this blog!

Here’s a list of our favorite safe websites to unlock your phone.

Looking for Phone Unlocking Websites Online

Phone unlocking websites are usually quite reliable. There are key factors that can determine whether or not the one you’ve chosen falls in the safe category. For example, a money-back guarantee along with secured payment badges – like the ones at, are a very good sign.

Your decision about which website to use is important. Any skepticism from your end should not be taken lightly. If you have a hunch the website you’re on isn’t safe – don’t risk it. Check out reviews and look out for non-genuine ones while you do so.

Unlock Your Phone with a Money-Back Guarantee

A trustworthy website a confident website. Offering a money-back guarantee for phone unlocking services gives you a sense of security. If the site isn’t confident enough to do that, chances are they aren’t offering very legitimate services. There’s a small chance the unlock code you’re provided doesn’t work, and if that happens, they haven’t fulfilled their obligation. This is why we like going with, and why they top our list of ‘The Most Reliable Phone Unlocking Websites’ below.

Why Online Phone Unlocking Is Safer

Could you imagine living without your phone for 1-2 days? Yea, neither could we. Now go a step further and leave said phone with a stranger for those couple of days. Not an ideal situation, but that’s what it takes to get your phone unlocked at a physical store. Just think of the passwords, pictures, your fingerprint – all that are in the hands of someone you don’t know. Talk about nerve-wracking. Websites like keeps your phone where it belongs – in your hands. There are no technical skills required. You just purchase and enter a network unlock code.

How Unlocking A Cell Phone Works

When you unlock your phone online, you enter your IMEI number and the website provides you with a device-specific code to unlock your phone. This is all done using software APIs that communicate between the phone unlocking website and your mobile carrier. Again, it’s always important that you pick a site that is trustworthy – so make sure you do your homework.

The Most Reliable Phone Unlocking Websites

The process of unlocking your phone can be annoying if you don’t know which website to use. Keeping this problem in mind, we have compiled a list of the 5 most reliable phone unlocking websites. This list is based on customer reviews as well as our own experiences. So here’s the final answer to the question “is unlocking your phone safe.” Our answer: Yes! At it’s the safest. is the easiest website to unlock an iPhone or Android. They are a safe and secure option. They have a team of certified technicians who unlock your phone, so you know you’re in good hands. Their pricing is competitive and they have a money-back guarantee.

Once your phone is unlocked, you can use your phone on all GSM carriers around the world. Cell Unlocker unlocks both iOS and Android phones as well.


DoctorSIM is trusted by many and offer reasonable prices. They provide support with email and chat like everyone else. They also have a money-back guarantee and the site is encrypted with SSL so you know any data that passes through their site is secured.

Unlock Base

UnlockBase has 4.9 stars rating out of 5 on Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and review center. You will get your money back if the provided code fails to unlock your phone and they have a safe and secure method of payment to ensure that you are in professional hands. Your phone will be unlocked to all GSM carriers and go without any further roaming charges. is trusted by millions of people and they have unlocked over 4 million phones successfully to date. You will be able to unlock any phone in three simple steps. The process is completely safe and secure. They also provide a money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support.

Unlock Monster

Unlocking a phone with Unlock Monster can sometimes take longer than the options listed above. The same benefits are provided though and they are trusted. Unlocking your phone with them as well as everyone else means you can use your phone on any network, in any country.

Other Cell Unlocking Websites

Most phone unlocking websites fall under the “grey market.” They will usually give your information to the carrier you are trying to unlock with. That means when the carrier does the final audit, you might find out that the transaction was fraudulent. You may also find out that another site didn’t authorize your phone properly. Your phone could get locked again or the situation could get worse. That’s why we recommend trusted sites like CellUnlocker to unlock your phone once and for all.

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