Ramadan Mubarak Kareem 2021 calendar Sehar iftar Timing in Pakistan

Ramadan Mubarak Kareem 2020 calendar
Ramadan Mubarak Kareem 2021 calendar 

The fast of Ramadan in 2021 begins on April 13th in Pakistan. So we have come to the beginning of another month of Ramadan in our lives – a month of great blessings, generosity and kindness; the month when our worship becomes especially valuable and all our prayers are accepted.

Whеn іѕ thе bеgіnnіng аnd еnd оf Rаmаdаn іn 2021?

Ramadan Mubarak Kareem 2020 calendar
Ramadan Mubarak Kareem 2020 calendar 

  • Rаmаdаn mоnth bеgіnѕ оn 13 Apr 2021 (Tuesday)
  • Rаmаdаn bеgіnѕ wіth thе ѕunѕеt оn Арrіl 13
  • Тhе fіrѕt рrауеr оf Таrаwіh – Арrіl 12
  • (аftеr thе fіfth рrауеr)
  • Тhе fіrѕt dау оf fаѕtіng – Арrіl 12
  • Тhе lаѕt рrауеr оf Таrаwіh – Мау 13
  • Lаѕt dау оf fаѕtіng – 11 Мау 
  • Fеаѕt оf Соnvеrѕаtіоn (Еіd аl-Fіtr) – Мау 13

Holy month of Ramadan: a bit of history

The word “Ramadan” comes from the Arabic root, which means “sun-dried land.” The name symbolizes the hunger and thirst experienced by fasting. It is believed that the post, which is called “Uraza”, is primarily a school of morality, which teaches mutual patience and respect, compassion and understanding, educates the personality of willpower and spirit. This is not just giving up food and drink. 

The main task of every Mohammedan, which is dictated by Ramadan, is spiritual perfection by eradicating vices, bad habits, and dubious worldly aspirations. The words of the Prophet Muhammad are cited: “If a person does not stop lying and acting unjustly, then the Almighty does not need his abstinence from water and food.

  • Each of the three decades of the month carries a special semantic load: 
  • the first 10 days – the time when the special mercy of Allah descends on believers; 
  • the second 10 days – the period of spiritual purification, when a person analyzes his life and refuses unclean thoughts; 
  • the last 10 days – it is believed that during this period the souls of the faithful are saved from the curse of Hell fire. 

Ramadan mubarak quotes wishes

  • We heartily congratulate you on the onset of this holy and joyful month. May the Almighty give you the strength to fast, perform worship, and do as many good deeds as possible at this time. Amine!

  • We wish all fasting strength, courage and patience – especially to those of you who are going to hold the post for the first time this year, Allah give you success in your endeavors. 

  • Also, all fasting should not forget that fasting consists not only in refusing food and drink, but also in abstaining from sins, especially the sins of the tongue – gossip, slander, irritability. 

  • Be friendly and welcoming to all people around you, do not forget about the charity and generosity that are especially valuable at this time, and then your Ramadan will become a truly blessed time. 

  • We remind all of our readers that on our site you can find a large amount of useful material on the theme of fasting and the life of believers in the month of Ramadan – materials on prayer for tarawih, fatwas about what violates and does not violate the fast; Muslim testimonies of their experience of Ramadan and much more.

The following prayer tables, compiled taking into account geographical features, will help fasting people. Between the fajr and maghrib prayers, believers will refrain from eating.

Ramadan Kareem 2021 Sehar iftar Timing all Cities in Pakistan

  • Ramadan 202Sehar iftar Timing in Karachi 
  • Ramadan 2021 Sehar iftar Timing in Lahore
  • Ramadan 2021 Sehar iftar Timing in Islamabad
  • Ramadan 2021 Sehar iftar Timing in Pewshar
  • Ramadan 2021 Sehar iftar Timing in Faisalabad
  • Ramadan 2021 Sehar iftar Timing in Rawal Pindi
  • Ramadan 2021 Sehar iftar Timing in Multan
  • Ramadan 2021 Sehar iftar Timing in sialkot
  • Ramadan 2021 Sehar iftar Timing in daska
  • Ramadan 2021 Sehar iftar Timing in gujrawala
  • Ramadan 2021 Sehar iftar Timing in and all

Ramadan Mubarak Calendar 2021 All Details Sehar iftar 

Date Day Sehar Times Iftar Times
1st Ramadan, 1442

(Tuesday) Sehar Time 03:56 AM Iftar Time 6:47 PM
2nd Ramadan, 1442

Saturday Sehar Time 03:54 AM Iftar Time 6:48 PM
3rd Ramadan, 1442

Sunday Sehar Time 03:53 AM Iftar Time 6:48 PM
4th Ramadan, 1442

Monday Sehar Time 03:52 AM Iftar Time 6:49 PM
5th Ramadan, 1442

Tuesday Sehar Time 03:50 AM Iftar Time 6:50 PM
6th Ramadan, 1442

Wednesday Sehar Time 03:49 AM Iftar Time 6:51 PM
7th Ramadan, 1442

Thursday Sehar Time 03:48 AM Iftar Time 6:51 PM
8th Ramadan, 1442

Friday Sehar Time 03:46 AM Iftar Time 6:52 PM
9th Ramadan, 1442

Saturday Sehar Time 03:45 AM Iftar Time 6:53 PM
10th Ramadan, 1442

Sunday Sehar Time 03:44 AM Iftar Time 6:54 PM
11Ramadan, 1442

Monday Sehar Time 03:42 AM Iftar Time 6:54 PM
12 Ramadan, 1442

Tuesday Sehar Time 03:41 AM Iftar Time 6:55 PM
13 Ramadan, 1441

Wednesday Sehar Time 03:40 AM Iftar Time 6:56 PM
14 Ramadan, 1442

Thursday Sehar Time 03:39 AM Iftar Time 6:57 PM
15 Ramadan, 1442

Friday Sehar Time 03:37 AM Iftar Time 6:57 PM
16 Ramadan, 1442

Saturday Sehar Time 03:36 AM Iftar Time 6:58 PM
17 Ramadan, 1442

Sunday Sehar Time 03:35 AM Iftar Time 6:59 PM
18 Ramadan, 1442

Monday Sehar Time 03:34 AM Iftar Time 7:00 PM
19 Ramadan, 1442

Tuesday Sehar Time 03:33 AM Iftar Time 7:01 PM
20 Ramadan, 1442

Wednesday Sehar Time 03:32 AM Iftar Time 7:01 PM
21 Ramadan, 1441

Thursday Sehar Time 03:31 AM Iftar Time 7:02 PM
22 Ramadan, 1441

Friday Sehar Time 03:30 AM Iftar Time 7:03 PM
23 Ramadan, 1441

Saturday Sehar Time 03:28 AM Iftar Time 7:03 PM
24 Ramadan, 1441

Sunday Sehar Time  03:27 AM Iftar Time 7:04 PM
25 Ramadan, 1441

Monday Sehar Time  03:27 AM Iftar Time 7:05 PM
26 Ramadan, 1441

Tuesday Sehar Time  03:26 AM Iftar Time 7:06 PM
27 Ramadan, 1441

Wednesday Sehar Time  03:25 AM Iftar Time 7:06 PM
28 Ramadan, 1441

Thursday Sehar Time  03:24 AM Iftar Time 7:07 PM
[29 Ramadan, 1441]

Friday Sehar Time  03:23 AM Iftar Time 7:08 PM
30 Ramadan, 1441

Saturday Sehar Time  03:22 AM Iftar Time 7:08 PM

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