best personal diary apps for android and ios 2021

best diary app for android and ios 2020
best diary app for android and ios 

There are a large number of applications that allow you to keep personal notes. There are a huge number of personal diary Apps on Android / iOS. Some are reminiscent of keeping a paper diary manually filled by the user, others are equipped with powerful tools capable of entering and sorting information, supplementing data with multimedia objects and protecting them with a password.Write down your thoughts, ideas, and experiences so you don’t miss out on anything.

best diary app for android & ios list of 2021

1.Daylio – Diary

The application allows you to talk about events and personal emotions using icons that can be supplemented with a note explaining just such a choice of mood of the program owner. In the future, statistics are built that clearly demonstrate the user’s emotional background for the week, month, year.

Daylio has customizable color schemes, a reminder function, supports the creation of backup and data recovery. Active users are marked by the service in the achievement system. Personal data is protected by a password. Five million downloads. Rating 4.8. Editors’ choice on Google Play in the Lifestyle category.


A feature of this application is the synchronization function with Android, macOS and Windows using Google Drive cloud storage. You can also download the program to a PC, an extension for the browser, or use the interface of the website.

You can attach a tag, photo, video or a card with a sticker to your posts. The application can sense the beginning of the movement and upon detection, offers to record activity, such as a run. This function does not have any of the programs presented. Having bought a paid version of the program, the user is provided with additional features:

  • Functions for formatting and editing text;
  • Night style design program;
  • Sync with Google Fit;
  • A special panel where it is displayed from which devices they opened notes.


In a diary, people write down all their moments of life. They can be both good and bad, but no one wants anyone to be able to read them. Therefore, the user thinks: how to hide notes in the diary? Penzu uses 256-bit encryption for this. This feature is paid and sold separately. You can also use a simple lock using a PIN code, both to enter the application and to view individual entries in it.

The paid version of the program has an unlimited number of diaries, supports tags, fonts and individual covers.

4.Day One Journal

Usually the user keeps several diaries, for example, a diary for personal affairs, a diary for work and a family diary. This application uses the folder sorting function. This allows you to organize your notes well. Day Journal has an excellent built-in text editor that counts the number of characters and words, supports full-screen mode and text formatting.

You can also attach an audio recording of up to 2 minutes to the recording. However, this feature is available to users who purchased a paid subscription. In the program settings, you can configure the theme, fonts, select the maximum size of attachments and enable synchronization with Dropbox.


Users using a regular paper diary know how difficult it is to organize notes in it. You have to use various stickers and bookmarks, which is not always convenient. The developers of this application found a solution and made a special sorting of notes by category, date and place of creation. There is also a special search string that searches for notes by keywords.

In the free version, against the background of a beautiful interface, there are advertising banners. In the paid version, synchronization with iOS devices is available and there is no advertising.

6.Diary – Password Log

Contains a minimum number of functions and settings. The main menu has only four tabs: recordings, images, settings and search. Each publication may be accompanied by one photo and an indication of mood. Sections and tags are missing, the search in the program is carried out according to the words. Settings allow you to change the font size, color palette of the interface, set a reminder, export entries, reset all data and set a password with email. mail to delete, restore or replace it. Rating 4.7.

7.Personal diary with password

The application with a colorful interface allows you to set a password, set reminders, an additional protection function limits the ability to create screenshots of a screen with text. For the contained data, a backup function is provided with saving information to an SD card or Dropbox. When creating a post, it allows you to select a color scheme and enter a title. It works offline – information is stored on the phone.

8.Memoire — Notes, Lists & Reminders

The standard settings for text notes are supplemented by the ability to edit and enter audio recordings, weather, temperature data, accompanied by moon phases, geotags, photos, emoticons. The “thought flow” function allows you to develop a previously entered entry in the diary. Six color schemes, mood indicators, changing the font and size of characters, setting a password. The service supports data synchronization.

9.Universum – Diary

Versatility is the key word of this software. In addition to the standard diary, it offers financial accounting, diet planning and training systems, the formation of a shopping list and travel route. Each entry is easily complemented by a photograph, mood indicator and pattern. Accounting for finance is located on a separate menu bar and has a simple functionality that allows you to make an amount of income and record expenses. Rating 4.7.

10.My creative diary

The original creative and humorous application allows you to record ideas that come to mind. It will help you with your business planning and shopping plan. Unique post templates to sort emotions, thoughts, feelings and memories. The section “Photo of the day” is suitable for adding the most successful photo, reflecting the experienced emotions. The “Hate” section allows you to throw out all the negative points and look at them from a different angle.

11.Me time

Publications are stored in cloud storage – password access. When creating, you can upload multimedia files, icons, web links and geolocation. Easy editing system. Tags and tags help structure your input. Me.Time has a convenient, original interface with the ability to select the user language. Five hundred thousand installations.

12.My Diary with lock

You can add text posts accompanied by funny emoticons. It has a simple, intuitive interface and a positive design. User entries made to the program are stored in the cloud; their confidentiality guarantees the establishment of an individual password with an email for recovery, replacement and deletion. Created notes can be shared with friends by sending mail or chat. Ten million downloads.

13.Daybook – Diary

A program for keeping a diary and journal with daily notes. You can add events that happened during the day, express feelings and emotions with a mood tracker, describe observations and make plans. Each post is tied to a calendar date, which greatly simplifies the search. Supports backup, voice input, search by location and tags.


Structures the flow of thoughts, displays daily events and plans for the future period in the chronology. Based on the research conducted by scientists, the developers introduced a number of mini-games into the program that contribute to emotional unloading, finding harmony and happiness. Thanks for the useful actions.

15.Dream Journal Ultimate

 it automatically reminds you of the need to record a dream. You can determine the dynamics and make notes on the events of the day, having formed a personal dream calendar. There is a social network with tips, explanations and recommendations.

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