9+best app for learning the correct pronunciation of English words

9+best app for learning the correct pronunciation of English words
9+best app for learning the correct pronunciation of English words

In this article we are going to give you top 9+best app for learning the correct pronunciation of English words English is the most spoken in the world. It is used by residents of more than 100 countries. It doesn’t matter in which part of the world you are traveling. Almost always there is a person who understands English and can speak it. If this is not your first language, you will have to make an effort to learn it. We met a lot of people who understand and speak English, but do not know how to pronounce words correctly. As a result, communication becomes more difficult. Often in such situations there are people who come to the English-speaking regions for work, leisure and for other reasons.

You must not only learn new words, but also practice their pronunciation. This will help move forward in a career, study and make a good impression on others. Let’s take a look at some apps that can help improve pronunciation.

perfect english pronunciation apps list

1.English pronunciation

English Pronunciation  this small application will not only tell you how to pronounce words correctly, but also show how to correctly move the language for this. When launching the application for the first time, you need to choose your native language. The application will then show how to pronounce vowels and consonants. By clicking on a vowel or consonant, you will see advanced options. The screen will show the position of the tongue and lips with a detailed text explanation. There are also different examples of words that can be heard with a British or American accent.

In the “Practice” section there are words with missing letters. You need to choose the right letters and enter the whole word completely. There are milestones and progress tracking to facilitate the learning process.

Unfortunately, you can’t just type a word to hear its pronunciation. The application is free, although with advertisements and in-app purchases. You can get additional tests and examples of words.


Before you start communicating with native English speakers, it is advisable to work on the pronunciation. ELSA (the name stands for English Language Speech Assistant) is an application for interactive communication. It helps improve pronunciation and, in general, start to speak better English.The  ELSA  are lessons topic for different students – from taxi drivers to the customer support staff. Each topic has many lessons. When you run one of them, the application will play words and phrases. You must repeat them.

You will instantly learn about evaluating your pronunciation. Depending on the results, the application will ask you to either repeat the word or phrase, or allow you to move on. If you have any difficulties with the word, use the tips on the movement of the tongue and lips. Click the button in the form of an ear to listen to the reproduction of a word.

The application has a built-in dictionary of 2000 frequently used words and phrases. They should be enough to start, so that you learn the basics of pronunciation. It is worth noting the reminder function for the next lesson, so that you do not forget to practice pronunciation.


The Utter application interface is  well designed and looks professional. After authorization in the application, you will start with the Tenses course, in which the bot with artificial intelligence will tell about the application. He will also test you through an interactive chat, in which you will need to give answers to several questions. This is important for the proper setup of the application.

There are different courses for different scenarios. For example, you can choose a course to communicate with friends about travel, office, work. Training is carried out at three levels:

  • Initial – for everyday tasks. Ask for time or find out the way.
  • Intermediate – for a normal conversation with friends.
  • Advanced – for office, work communication.
After learning the basics, a serious development of English pronunciation begins. You need to record your voice, giving answers to various questions. Utter’s mission is to help you prepare for any situation.

At each level, two free lessons are provided. To continue training, you will have to pay $ 2.49. Utter not only teaches you how to communicate, but also helps you prepare for different situations. You will learn what and how to say in certain cases.


The creators of Nativox claim that this application is the first tool for learning English based on spoken language taking into account intonation. Like any other language, English has some features. They relate to sounds and intonations. Nativox focuses on helping users better understand the features of spoken American English. When using Nativox, you listen to expressions and watch how words are assembled into an interesting diagram. It’s easier to understand how to pronounce each part of the sentence.

Then you can repeat phrases and record your voice. Simulate the pronunciation until you can get as close to the sample as possible. Nativox is designed so that you can learn to say something and simultaneously recognize the translation of words. So your brain can focus on spoken language, not grammar or vocabulary.

5.Speak English Pronunciation

Practice is of great importance for the correct pronunciation of words in English. But how do you know that you pronounce the words correctly? To do this, you must either listen carefully to yourself, or use the Speak English Pronunciation application .

Although most of the features in this application are the same as English Pronunciation, there is one key difference. Speak English Pronunciation lets you record your voice so you can listen to yourself and improve your pronunciation. Such a tool makes it possible to practice spoken language even without a teacher and generally without any outside help. Your pronunciation is rated in stars – from 1 to 5.

There are also pictures with the position of the lips and tongue for the correct pronunciation. The application can be used offline, i.e. without internet. It is distributed free of charge, but with advertising.

6.English Pronunciation Training

The English Pronunciation Training application can replace the interlocutor and teacher. It teaches you how to pronounce English words correctly, checks the student’s spoken language and makes it possible to repeat the lesson as much as necessary. With this application you will learn some linguistic features. Here are some of them:

  • Pronunciation of sound R.
  • The position of the mouth and tongue when pronouncing sounds.
  • Features of deaf and sonorous sounds.
  • There are also some special features for more effective training:
  • You can hear the pronunciation before pronouncing the words.
  • Use the words in the conversation to understand the features of its use.
  • Educational videos.
  • View progress.
  • Earn points for the correct pronunciation.
  • Use earned points to unlock extra lessons.

7.English Pronunciation: Offline

The two applications described above have a common significant drawback. They do not allow you to enter the word yourself and then listen to it. You can forget about this problem using the English Pronunciation: Offline application . A application of less than 3 MB in size allows you to enter words, phrases, and even whole sentences. Click the speaker icon to see how they are pronounced. You can repeat playback over and over until you have acquired the information.


Want to practice your English pronunciation with a friend, but he’s not around right now? A worthy replacement would be Apps4Speaking . You can conduct an interactive conversation with a funny character who will help to hone your English skills. Repeat the dialogue as many times as necessary to memorize the lesson. You will be shown images that need to be associated with different words. The  applications allows you to focus on the conversation instead of reading text.

Then read the dialogs to better understand the features of communication – after that, start talking yourself. Enter the role of an interlocutor of an electronic character and immerse yourself in a conversation with him. The application combines the latest speech recognition technology with interesting videos. This allows you to communicate with the characters on the screen as in a real conversation. One of the main advantages of Apps4Speaking is continuous feedback. As you progress, you will receive points.


If you want to practice more spoken English, this application will be useful. TalkEnglish has hundreds of built-in lessons. These include conversation practice, various interesting tests, exercises for listening to words. All lessons are aimed at improving your speaking skills for everyday communication. The recording function is one of the benefits of TalkEnglish. Record your voice to listen to it, compare with samples and monitor progress. This approach is good for speed and learning outcomes.
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