15+ Best Alarm Clock Free Apps 2021 For Android & iOS

15+ Best Alarm Clock Free Apps 2020 For Android & iOS
15+ Best Alarm Clock Free Apps 2021 For Android & iOS

Today I want to show you some Best Alarm Clock applications list that you should have and, of course, we will teach you how to use them. They work on both Android and iOS and it doesn’t matter if the phone is turned off, you can still use it. If you are one of mine, getting up in the morning is one of the most complicated things there is. The alarm sounds can vary so much, from a soothing piano sound to a police siren to get us out of bed. Today I will show you how to give the correct setting to your mobile alarm clock. In that way, a problem will already be solved and, also, I will recommend some great applications that work as an alarm clock on Android and iOS.

 Smartphones and tablets can carry out a ton of functions. In particular, each of them has an alarm clock. But the individual applications installed additionally have a lot of advantages.Once upon a time on the bedside table of each of us there were a lot of all sorts of things, from books and magazines to hours with an alarm clock. Now there is only a smartphone. And, of course, charging for him. Which of us doesn’t want to sleep a little more in the morning? And who never woke up important meetings and conferences? There are not many such people. Therefore, the question of a good alarm clock is relevant. Today we’ll talk about the best apps that will surely make you tear your head off the pillow.

In this collection you will find alarms for every taste: some wake you up gently, others – loudly and decisively, others  they make you work to wake up faster, and the fourth  they post on social networks. These applications are for both iOS and Android.

How to Set mobile phone alarm?

Setting the parameters in the phone alarm is a fairly easy process on both Android and iOS. Of course, nobody has shown you how to do it, today I will give you the correct steps to complete. Right now, we make the example with a Xiaomi Android phone (with all Android it is the same). In iOS it is possible that it changes the thing regarding address names, but it is quite similar, pay attention:

  • First, find the clock application within the apps on your mobile. It is usually represented by the icon of a clock, press on it.
  • Once inside it, you can make the exact parameters at your convenience. You must take into account that you are in the “Alarm” section, avoiding the clock, stopwatch or other section.
  • When the alarm is pressed, you can give it the necessary parameter and that is to your liking. You can, of course, select the exact time to activate it.
  • You have the choice to decide if you want it to be repeated every day or just from Monday to Friday, at an exact moment.
  • It also gives you the option to select the tone you want to use: by default, your device hides various sounds or melodies that can be used. In case none of them encourages you, you can download a sound app.
  • You can choose whether you want it to vibrate or not.
  • When you can configure everything, you simply have to accept. Check that the hours are at the exact point and go to the device’s home screen and see if a clock drawing appears in the notification bar.
  • This would be the entire configuration process, you will already have your alarm active.

Does the alarm work with the when phone turned off?

In times where the technology was not so developed in the mobiles, the same ones could make the alarm work while they were turned off. No one really asked how it was possible, but it was used on many occasions. You just had to set the alarm, it would go off and, at the exact time the next day, it would magically turn on. Now with these new smartphones and tablets, the option is no longer in the feature pack. In fact, various models have not even allowed it, but wait, I’ll show you how to make it work.

In a smart phone, the most current, in the Extras Settings option of the watch application, there is a section called “Alarm Settings”. Once there, it will be checked whether or not the device alarm can be used while it is turned off. Depending on the model, it will let you enable or disable the device’s alarm option to sound while it is powered off. In this section, you can further customize the alarm or alarm clock section.

  • You can customize sounds and also tones.
  • You will have the opportunity to give it the volume you want.
  • Have the option of increasing the volume little by little.
  • Control the duration of your repetition.
  • The possibility of self-silence if you wish.
  • Determine any extra functions you want the volume buttons to do.

In case the alarm doesn’t sound while your mobile is off, try this

  • In case you have Android and the phone alarm doesn’t sound the moment it turns off, maybe you can get it working by doing the following ( current Samsung doesn’t allow it).

  • The main thing is to see that the battery is fine, if not, put it to charge.
  • Then you will go to settings / scheduled power on / off.
  • In that section you can already configure the mobile to turn on automatically minutes before the alarm sounds.
  • When turned on, you can hear the alarm perfectly.
  • For phones like Samsung or iPhone, it is only possible if the device is working all night. In case you want the notifications to not bother your sleep, simply put the phone in airplane mode.

best free alarm clock app android iOS

1.Xtreme & Timer (iOS and Android)

One of the goals of Xtreme & Timer is to stop procrastinating. The application has reduced the time between repetitions of the call. It begins to wake you softly, but with a gradually increasing sound. The alarm clock will make sure that you are awake only after you shake your smartphone or solve a simple math problem.

In the application you will also find a sleep tracker, stopwatch and timer. Despite the fact that in general the application is paid, if you are ready to put up with advertising, you can use all the functionality absolutely free. Once you solve simple mathematical calculations, your brain is unlikely to want to sleep further. So this is a very effective tool for those who can not tear themselves away from the bed for a long time.   Download

2.Alarm Clock for Me (iOS and Android)

This free app for iOS and Android supports tons of customization options. Everything, even the style of numbers, can be adapted to your requirements. You can put on a call both one of the basic melodies and your favorite song. When you launch the application for the first time, it will prompt you to enable the location identifier. If you agree with this condition, you will additionally receive a pocket weather forecaster who will be informed about weather data in your region.

Conveniently, the alarm clock supports alerts in the background. In other words, you will not oversleep, even if the smartphone is turned off all night. Here you can also set many tasks at once, set different signal times for one or several days. The application is universal, suitable for major mobile operating systems. At the same time, in its basic version, it comes with very aggressive and intrusive advertising. If it bothers you, then you can always buy a paid version. Download

3.Timely (Android)

A good free application for Android. It differs in the synchronization function, but for this you need to have a Google account. The alarm clock has several different color schemes for the watch, as well as gesture control.To convince the application that you are already on your feet, you need to fulfill some conditions. Download

4.Rise (iOS)

This is an interesting multilingual application that positions itself as “a work of art that will wake you up.” In it you will find a lot of tunes, waking up to which is a real pleasure. This is all kinds of sounds of nature, and soft unobtrusive music.This is an interesting multilingual application that positions itself asIf we talk about the settings, they are simple and intuitive. You can put on a call any song that is on your smartphone. The application is paid and costs $ 1.99.”a work of art that will wake you up.” In it you will find a lot of tunes, waking up to which is a real pleasure. This is all kinds of sounds of nature, and soft unobtrusive music. Download

5.Sleep Cycle (iOS and Android)

The app is free for iOS or Android devices. This is not exactly an alarm clock. Rather, it is an analyzer of quality and duration of sleep with additional functions. So, in order to find out how fully and at what time you relax, the sleep analyzer uses the microphone and accelerometer of your smartphone.

If you suddenly want to take another nap after the alarm rings, you can delay the awakening. But remember that with each subsequent action, the break is shortened. IPhone users can sync data in Apple Health. Download

6.Loud Alarm Clock (Android iOS)

As the name implies, this is a loud alarm clock. It is for those whom you won’t wake up with a tank. The application is free for iOS devices. His trick is the mass of annoying sounds, under which, well, it is simply impossible to sleep. Here’s how to sleep, say, to the sounds of a fire alarm?

Of course, you get used to everything and the developers took this into account by adding a random call selection function. In other words, you will not get used to the sound of your alarm clock and will always wake up on time. If desired, you can put your favorite song on the call, but then the whole charm of the application is lost. Download

7.Alarmy or Sleep If U Can (iOS and Android)

A free application that is compatible with all popular operating systems. To disconnect the call, you need to fulfill a certain condition. When setting the alarm, you should find a place in the house where you need to go after you get out of bed and take a picture of it.For example, after sleep, you always wash your face. In this case, you can photograph the sink. Or, if you like a cup of coffee before water procedures, you can take a picture of the kitchen. So, every morning you will need to get up and go to the subject, which is captured in the picture, and photograph it again. As soon as the application makes sure that you are already in place, the call will be disconnected.

This is an interesting version of the alarm clock for those who want to get up immediately and quickly: the sound of the alarm does not subside until you get out of bed. Download

8.I Can’t Wake Up! (Android)

If it’s very difficult for you to wake up in the morning, then this interesting application will help. It will make you solve puzzles, lay out titles, scan barcodes or perform other tasks to awaken your mind.Until you cope with the task, music will play. You can take a nap, but you won’t be able to fall asleep: the signal does not stop, just the melody, while you rest in the break between calls, becomes a little calmer. Download

9.AMdroid Alarm Clock (Android)

This free application for Android devices has an extensive range of various settings. The alarm clock can work in certain places, for example, when you are at home, or adapt to your regime depending on the availability of holidays and weekends.Additionally, the application is synchronized with the Android Wear smartwatch, so the user can use voice commands to control the application.

10.Sleep as Android (Android)

This is a very smart alarm clock that not only analyzes your sleep, but also chooses the best time to wake up. In addition, the application in the background plays all kinds of soothing sounds, up to the noise of sea waves or crackling of coal in a fire. Thanks to this, a person sleeps better and rests more fully.

After the alarm rings, the user will need to solve certain problems: shake the phone, scan a QR code, enter captcha or count the sheep. Yes, the last point seems counterproductive, but it works. Download

11.Spot On Alarm

If we are talking about pleasant alarms then we should start with this development that leaves aside the traditional overwhelming timbre and instead uses songs or your Spotify playlist , this way your favorite music will awaken you. download


This alarm clock for Android is a classic, but the truth is that it does not go out of style because it is still quite good. It is a free app, but with ads, in it you can create as many alarms as you need , ideal for those who require about 10 calls before they can get up. You can place a message that will speak to you to wake up , you can also configure the days you want it to activate and activate its particular system for lazy people, which forces you to solve a small mathematical problem to deactivate the tormenting sound, once it is done then .you will surely be awake. Download

13.SpinMe Alarm Clock

This is one of the best alarm clocks for Android, without a doubt, it is also one of the funniest. If you want to stop it from sounding then you will have to get up and start spinning , so if you easily tide think about it before installing it. An ideal alarm clock for those who do not get up with anything and manage to beat any alarm clock, this will undoubtedly be a great opponent, after a few laps you will surely be in the shower. Download

14.Shake-It Alarm

We continue with our count of the best alarm clocks for Android because in addition to waking you up, if you are angry about having to get up you can get even with the animal that appears on the screen. You can configure it as much as other apps, the music you want, the hours, the days, the repetitions … but you must also wake up the doll to beat so that the alarm stops, that will undoubtedly also wake you up. Download Shak

15.Alarm Clock with Missions & Loud Ringtones -Alarmy

Finally, in our list the 15 best alarm clocks for Android we have another app that will not stop until you really wake up. Its operation is particular, you must register an image of any part of your house, it can be the shower or the kitchen, in this way the only way that stops is that you go to the registered site and take a new photograph. The application verifies if both images coincide and then it is the moment in which it stops, there is no other way to stop it unless you really get up. Download


As you can see, this list contains both traditional alarms that affect you with sound, and unusual applications. The latter will force you to photograph a certain place in the house or publish a post on your profile stating that you do not want to wake up. There is a solution for dormouse of all stripes! Try and share your impressions in the comments, maybe waking up with these applications will become much easier.

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