Hide Typing Status on WhatsApp? turn off typing status whatsapp

We tell you the trick to avoid appearingonline” on WhatsApp and not have problems by not answering your contacts. Friends, couples, employees and family think that you ignore them when they see you online and you don’t answer their messages.Whatever your reason, sometimes you need your space and privacy. We understand that.

There are two ways not to appear online on WhatsApp . One of them is without the need for applications and the second is with the help of an app. You choose.

turn off typing status whatsapp

1.Use the “airplane mode” on WhatsApp

It is the basic trick to not appear connected in any application. You can use this tip on both Android and iOS. Only when you are in that state can you open the messages and reply to those of interest to you. During that time your contacts will not know that you are online.

When you activate your data or Wi-Fi connection again, all your responses will be sent, without the people you ignored realizing that you were connected.

2.Application to not appear “online” on WhatsApp

Hide WhatsApp typing Status best app for hide you when you chat.

  • Firstly download Hide WhatsApp Status app we are provide you download .
  • after download open app

  • Now you click your status visible and invisble and start chat.

2.Private reading for WhatsApp

‘ Private reading for WhatsApp ‘ is one of the best applications to not appear “online” . When you install it, the reading confirmations (double blue check) are not sent and you go unnoticed by your contacts.

The app is only available for Android ; At the moment, iPhone users have no other option than “airplane mode”. Not everything is beautiful with this application, the free version shows too much advertising that for some may be invasive or annoying.

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