Google map alternatives – 10+ Best Google Maps alternatives for both iOS and Android

Google map alternatives - 10+ Best Google Maps alternatives for both iOS and Android
Google map alternatives – 10+ Best Google Maps alternatives for both iOS and Android

In this article we are going to give best alternatives to Google Maps for both iOS and Android Over time we have become accustomed to the hegemony of Google in different technological sectors, and we no longer refer only to the section of smartphones themselves, but also to their software. Also to its applications and services. Like Gmail, which took years to remove the Beta label from its logo, but today it sometimes feels like the only email service available. Or like Google Maps, one of the jewels of its ecosystem of apps.

Are you looking for a good alternative to Google Maps? We will talk about the five best options. If you need only one map, OpenStreetMap can be a simple and effective alternative to Google Maps. Another application – Here WeGo – provides offline access to maps and can be a great alternative, especially for walking on foot. When you travel by car, the most useful will be the constantly updated information on Waze. But if the Internet is not enough or it is too expensive, it’s better to use at the wheel. Below we will analyze each of the Apps in more detail.

Ten plus Best Google Map Alternatives list 2021


Facing Citymapper means doing it to one of the veterans in the sector. We are talking about an app that had a somewhat limited range of action until 2014, when it decided to expand the available cities, and it is already in more cities. And also, we are talking about one of the most complete apps, if not the most, in terms of urban routes . Calculate routes with public transport, taxi, bicycles and even with fare calculator. Recommended.


If you drive in an unfamiliar area, you need good navigation. A good solution would be the Waze app.This is a community-based application, that is, users are constantly adding new traffic information and traffic information. Sometimes the program may ask you to confirm the information while driving. Using Waze is completely free. However, you must be online – accordingly, a lot of traffic is consumed. Offline use is not possible.

The addresses you visit regularly can be saved as favorites. You can also save future travel routes – the application will automatically calculate the departure time in accordance with normal road traffic and will send you a reminder in a timely manner.

Along the way, you can search for restaurants, cafes, hotels, ATMs and gas stations. You can send your friends current status and estimated time of arrival. In addition, Waze will also offer an alternative route if unexpected delays occur on the formed route. OpenStreetMap-based navigation

Formerly known as MapsWithMe, displays offline maps with navigation to your smartphone. This application is based on OpenStreetMap resources and supplements it with traffic and public transport information.However, the program is not limited to driver information. You can also use it when walking or cycling. All maps are completely free for offline navigation.

In addition, has some additional functions: it is possible to save addresses, search for attractions, gas stations, etc., as well as exchange your own location with other users. cannot be used in a browser on your PC, but there are applications for Android and iOS.

4.TomTom Go Mobile, another great tool

TomTom started by placing navigation systems on its own devices, first for cars and then for pockets, but ended up also entering the mobile business with its own app. Here we have had the question of whether to recommend it or not because it is a paid app, but since we have 75 kilometers of free navigation per month , perhaps it will serve us for a specific trip. If not, we will have to pay 19.99 euros to use it for a full year, or 44.99 euros for three years.


Nokia offers its own HERE WeGo geolocation application as an alternative to Google Maps. It works not only on Android, but also on Windows phones.You can find your geolocation data either through a browser, or for free through applications for iOS and Android. HERE WeGo shows routes, recommended locations near your destination, weather and traffic. As with other similar apps, there is a choice between lanes for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

6.NavMii: free maps only in the basic version

NavMii shows landmarks and traffic offline. With this mobile application you can find maps for more than 85 countries – and use them offline.The application mainly takes information from OpenStreetMap, but adds information specified in the communities, for example, about speed limits, photo and video shooting on the roads, traffic jams and much more. The free version of NavMii will have to deal with advertising. To remove it and add various functions.


Another recommended geolocated map service that also uses the free maps of the OpenStreetMap project and allows us, among other things, to buy Tomtom maps to integrate them with the app itself. MapFactor, which we can download for free but has unlockable functions for a fee , has speed radars, mode for cargo vehicles, pedestrians and street blocking. And yes, it also works offline.


Another alternative tool to Google Maps that should be considered, and that enjoys not a little popularity both on Android (where it exceeds 50 million downloads) and on iOS. In its free version it offers us offline maps and speed camera warning . If we pay 19.99 (Europe) or 29.99 euros (World) we will enjoy navigation with voice instructions, speed limits, Head-up Display and real-time traffic service.

9.Apple Maps

With Apple Maps it happens that we have in our hands an alternative to Google Maps but at all levels. This means that we can only use it on iOS devices, be it the iPhone or the iPad, so the range of users that can access it is limited. However, Maps has greatly improved since its launch and is today one of the great alternatives to Google Maps, provided we take this limitation into account. It is integrated with the operating system itself, so if we have iOS, we do. No download link required.

10.OpenStreetMap: An Open World Map

The project has been around for more than ten years. Users collect their own maps to get a world map that is as detailed as possible. OpenStreetMap is a free application with an open license. The latter means that you can print cards or share them with other people.

Like Google Maps, here you can enter the address of the destination. In addition, you will receive information about the road surface and possible one-way streets. Different categories allow you to see nearby attractions, industrial areas and railway junctions in a simple list. If you want to find a route instead of a specific address, OpenStreetMap distinguishes between pedestrians, cyclists and cars.

The site is funded by donations and therefore can do without advertising. If you are interested in such work, you can collect additional map data for the project during the so-called Mapping Partys, correct existing data or act as a programmer. There is no official application, but OpenStreetMap cards are used in several programs, for example, in


We leave you a last application as an extra, because we are facing the most revolutionary and ingenious of the geolocation panorama . A company that is mapping the planet and breaking it into 3×3 meter bits . Nine square meters that receive three identifying words that vary according to the language we use, helping us to remember them.

The initiative was born from the multiple confusions of current navigation systems with streets that share names, and not only in different countries but in the same city. Or with phonetically very similar words , difficult to distinguish when we speak to the browser to take us to this or that place.

With What3Words, each 3×3 meter point has a name. Maybe your house is Snow, Wall, April or Powers, Eleven, Town . Who knows. What is certain is that giving a What3Words address enhances our memory, and it is already used in many places, even for the postal system. Let them ask Mongolia, for example. And of course, it is mobile and free.

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