25+ Best Business Apps For iphone | Best Business Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2021

25 best free business apps for iPhone and ipad

Best Business Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020
 Best Business Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2021

The iPhone is not only an indispensable means of communication, without which we, as if, get to a desert island, but also a useful assistant in business. We bring to your attention 25 useful and free applications that will greatly simplify your day.

Increase your productivity

1.Evernote scannable

The Evernote Scannable app is   designed to keep all papers in place. So you can save all the small notes you need by simply scanning them using your phone’s camera. Now you will not lose business cards, notes with phone numbers, notes, notes and more.

30/30  –  to complete tasks on time. The application will give you 30 minutes for each task, and then offer to proceed to the next. Don’t worry: you can complete a small task in 5 minutes and buy time for a more serious matter.

2.Send anywhere

Send Anywhere  – convenient for sending files. With this application you can send documents of any size.


Airtable   is an application for organizing databases and information. It is possible to provide access to other users.


The Slack app   will help you gather in one place at one time the group of people you need. A convenient program will help you to constantly be in touch with your team, communicate in a common chat, exchange documentation and more.


With  MobileDay,  remote work is much easier. Create online conferences and conduct meetings at any time.


You can organize your working day not only with the help of a diary. Use  Invite , with the help of which you can also democratize the work schedule of colleagues by inviting them to note a convenient time for a meeting or meeting.


Hopper  helps not only business people, but also travelers. You will be able to purchase tickets at competitive prices. But check if the application works with the airlines of your country.


Many do not like meetings, but they always need to be prepared. Minute will  save all the necessary information for you. In the free version you can store materials for 5 meetings per month.


Room  is another online chat option. Video conferencing can be organized at one point, simply by passing the phone number to the other participants. The service works on several platforms, so you can connect Android users, Mac computers and PCs.

Engage in self-promotion, for which you are not ashamed


Buffer application    allows you to create posts on different social networks and program the time of their publication.

Adobe voice

Adobe Voice is a  convenient voice recording application. You dictate text that you can use when creating presentations, videos, and more.


Cloze  is an application to know everything and about everyone. It scans and gives you the contacts and all the information that you saved about them earlier. You will always be in the know with whom you are meeting, and you will not end up in an awkward situation, forgetting someone’s name.


Website builder on your smartphone. With  Weebly,  you can upload photos and information, monitor materials on the site and perform other administrative functions, not including a computer.


CudaSign is  for those who like to take notes by hand. Using your finger like a pen, you can leave notes that will eventually be saved in printed text. The accuracy of the text depends on the handwriting.

Turn ideas into achievements


Application for saving notes. There are many such applications, but Simplenote is  one of the simplest and most convenient. Your notes will be saved on all devices synchronized with each other.


Concepts brainstorming app . In it you can save all your inspirational photos, notes or your own sketches, organize them into ideas and, possibly, create something new and unusual.


ChoiceMap  helps you set priorities, set goals, identify the pros and cons, and even assemble a team of like-minded people.

Pivotal tracker

Convenient glider  Pivotal Tracker is  suitable for teamwork. You will be able to set tasks and mark completed and pending. The free version can work up to three people.


The SmartUp application  allows you to follow new ideas, developments and achievements of famous businessmen.

Make monotonous work less boring

Tune in radio

When you need to escape from the hustle and bustle, when you want to listen to music, especially if it helps you in your work, download  TuneIn Radio . E is more than 100,000 radio stations.


If   will help to program your monotonous work. The application is synchronized with many other programs, will help you create a link between websites and electronic services. You can work with several applications at the same time, moving from one task to the next.


Spark  sorts your posts. Thus, you can quickly determine the information and people involved in your projects or work.


Checklist  notes completed and unfulfilled work. The application combines a quick and convenient list and a nice interface.

Focus zen

Focus Zen  is an app with a selection of audio recordings to help you focus on your work. You can adjust the playing time of the recording, depending on the time you need to solve the problem. 

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