How to see Deleted Messages on WhatsApp? New Method

How to see Deleted Messages on WhatsApp?
How to see Deleted Messages on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp introduced the option to delete messages that have already been sent. But the system is not perfect and, although there are those who regret it and want to hide what they have told you at some point, there are options to  read the deleted WhatsApp messages . And in the Android operating  system it is especially easy because of the operation of the notification system . We are only going to need an application, and the process is really simple.

In  Android we have certain applications available that can allow us to retrieve or view deleted messages on WhatsApp. Some are responsible for generating a historical record of notifications, that is, they automatically save all the notifications that are generated on our smartphone to be able to review them later. And when they send us a  WhatsApp message , as you may have already thought, a notification is generated  with its content. If they delete it, however, the content is hidden and  the notification is modified . But if we have one of these applications installed on our mobile device, then we can read deleted WhatsApp messages because the original notification will have been saved.

So you can prevent deleted WhatsApp messages from disappearing, if you have an Android mobile device?

Notification History Log  is one of these applications. It allows us to keep a  historical record of notifications that reach our smartphone. But also, it has an interesting feature, and that is that it allows us to  limit the registration to only some of our applications. That is, we can select only the WhatsApp application from the list  , so that the document with the registration is not filled with notifications that do not interest us because we can review it at any time on a regular basis. And on the other hand, it has a backup system  that will further reduce the chances of losing  WhatsApp messages deleted by other users.

The application is free and, although it is not the only one that can help us to  see deleted WhatsApp messages , it is true that it is one of the best. If this option does not help us, because the message has already been deleted and we did not have an app of this type installed on the mobile, there is another possibility.

How to view deleted messages on Whatsapp with WhatsRemoved+ ?

To start using WhatsRemoved + and be able to see the deleted messages on WhatsApp, the first thing you  have to do is download and install the application . Once this is done, now open WhatsRemoved + on the mobile, the next thing  will have to do is accept its terms of use and allow it to follow and save WhatsApp notifications . In addition, we can indicate if we want to also monitor the deleted files on WhatsApp. With everything ready and configured correctly in WhatsRemoved +, we can already see the deleted messages in WhatsApp , even if they contained a photo.

WhatsApp 'delete for everyone': Here's how to read deleted text

It is possible that after installing WhatsRemoved + we have to close and reopen WhatsApp if we had it open on the mobile so that it begins to detect the notifications of the messaging application. In any case, from now on, every time someone deletes a message from one of our WhatsApp chats, WhatsRemoved will detect it and show us the message that has been deleted.

To do this, simply tap on the notification that the app itself will show us as having detected a deleted message on WhatsApp. This will take us directly to the application and there we will be able to see the deleted messages in WhastApp, whether they are text or photos and who is the contact that had sent it. That easy, yes, since WhatsRemoved + is a free app, we will have no choice but to live with the advertising it shows from time to time, unless we want to go through the box to eliminate it.

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