Apple iPhone 9 SE 2020 will be released soon!

Apple iPhone 9 SE
Apple iPhone 9 SE

I believe that many Apple fans are waiting for this new iPhone SE (previously rumored iPhone 9), the aircraft is about to be released, now to summarize the rumors that broke the news!

This time the new iPhone SE will be named iPhone SE 2020, not the iPhone SE2 and iPhone 9 that were previously rumors. On the reverse side of the design, the iPhone SE 2020 design directly follows the iPhone 8 design, with a 4.7-inch small screen, front Touch ID, 16: 9 aspect ratio, rear single camera, and color options of white, black and red. It is worth mentioning that the iPhone SE 2020 will have a frosted glass polishing effect similar to the iPhone 11 Pro, and the thickness may also be 0.5mm (7.8mm) thicker than the iPhone 8.

There is also news that Apple is still developing a larger Plus model, but it has been delayed.In terms of specifications, the iPhone SE 2020 will be equipped with the same A13 chip as the iPhone 11, equipped with 3GB RAM and 64GB storage. The highest storage option is 256GB. iPhone SE 2020 pricing may continue to use the iPhone SE 64GB version at a price of $ 399, which is currently the cheapest model in the iPhone and one of the cheapest iPhones in history.

The release of iPhone SE 9 2020 is actually quite close. It may be this week or next week. Apple is not expected to hold any conferences, but will go online for sale.

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