Google Earth service finally became available through third party browsers, and not just through Chrome

Google Earth
Google Earth

Google is launching its web version of Google Earth for third party browsers such as Firefox, Edge, and Opera. Despite the fact that Google declares its adherence to open web standards, but in fact the web version of the service was launched based on Chrome only Native Client (NaCl) technology. Thus, the service became one of the first sites only for Chrome.

NaCI technology allowed Google to implement its own C ++ application code and run it directly in the Chrome browser with all the available performance needed to scale the location on a virtual globe. Google has spent the past 3 years developing new web standards, such as WebAssembly, which allow developers to implement native code on the Internet.

Over the past 6 months, Google has conducted a beta test of the transition from NaCI to WebAssembly. As a result, the company is now fully prepared to make Google Earth available on third-party browsers, although the Safari browser is still an exception. The search giant claims that much work remains to be done, including the need to “hone our experience in all of these browsers and add Safari support.” Last year, Google announced that Earth would support Safari as soon as Apple added “better WebGL2 support” to its browser. Recall that earlier in the mobile version of Google Earth, the display of stars of outer space was added.

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