Zong call packages 2019 | Zong New Call Packages: Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly 2019

Zong Call Packages 

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In This Article i will share Zong call packages You can also find all network packages  on my website.If you want to use Zong call bundles then this article will be very helpful for you. Today we will discuss how to get zong daily weekly monthly call packages.

About Zong

China Mobile Pakistan (CMPak) is a 100% owned subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Corporation. The pioneering overseas set up of China Mobile came through acquisition of a license from Millicom to operate a GSM network in Pakistan. Taken over in 2007 with a market share of only 2%, Zong has seen exponential growth in the last few years to increase it by 10 folds to about 20%. Currently, CMPak engages in the provision of cellular mobile voice and data services to the Pakistani market through 2G, 3G and 4G technologies.
CMPak envisions to enable a fully connected environment for Pakistanis by leveraging the technological edge in 4G LTE, whilst providing the most reliable and affordable products in the market. On the technological front, CMPak draws heavily from the research and experience of China Mobile Communications Corporation, which is the largest telecom service provider in the world, thus enabling cutting edge, state-of-the art services to subscribers. These high standards of performance are testified by the service award of “No.1 Operator in voice and data services” by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority.

Zong Call Packages Details?

  1. Zong daily call packages
  2. zong weekly call packages
  3. zong monthly call packages
  4. zong short call packages
  5. zong student call offer
  6. zong postpaid call packages 

Zong Daily call packages

zong daily call bundles zong apne users ko daily achy price par call packages provide karta hai jis mein zong short time offers 1Day offers hoti hai.
Zong Hello Package Rs12 150 On-net Minutes+150 SMS, 50MBs (for Facebook) 1Day Dial *2200*1# unsub and send it to 4952
Zong( Full Gup Package) Rs5 75 On-net Minutes+100SMS, 30MBs (for WhatsApp) 1Day Dial *118*1# unsub and send it to 1181
Zong Sixer Package Rs8 Unlimited Minutes+500 SMS, 1MB data 1 Day (Valid for 6 AM to 6 PM) Dial *666#  unsub and send it to 666111
Zong Flutter Package Rs12 120 On-net Minutes+1200 SMS, 50MB 1Day Dial *369# unsub and send it to 369
Zong Super Student Package Rs5 Unlimited Minutes+30MBs internet data 2Hours Dial *5555# Auto Expired
Zong Daily Shaandar Package Rs12 Unlimited Minutes+800 SMS, 50MB internet data 1Day Dial *999# Auto Expired
Zong Daily Unlimited Call Package Rs12 Unlimited Miuntes  1 Day expires the same day midnight Dial *522# Auto Expired
Zong Non-Stop Package Rs(10Tex) Unlimited call’s Valid for 7 PM to 10 PM Dial *777# unsub and send it to 7141

Zong Weekly Call Packages

zong weekly bundles zong apny users ko pura hafta bhot sare call packages provide karta hai bhot achy aur lowest rate par packages provide karta hai.


Zong Weekly Unlimited Call Package Rs63 Unlimited Miuntes 7Days Type PK7 and send it to 522 *6464#
Zong Hello 7 Days Call Package Rs45 Daily 100 Zong Minutes for 7 days+100 SMS.day 1MB data 7Days Dial *2200*1# Auto Expiired
Zong Shaandar Haftawaar  Call Package Rs75 1000 On-net Minutes+50 Off-net Minutes,1000 SMS, 350MBs 7Days Dial *7# *6464
Zong All-in-One Weekly Call Package Rs150 700 On-net Minutes+40 off-net Minutes, 700 SMS, 700MBs 7Days Dial *6464# Dial *6464#
Zong Haftawaar Load  CallOffer Rs180 1500 On-net Minutes+1500 SMS, 1500 MB, 75 Off-net Minutes 7Days Dial *70# Auto Exoired

Zong Monthly Call Packages

zong monthly bundles zong monthly bases par bhot zabardast call packages provide karta hai  zong ka monthly package jane ka loye ap article ko read kare
Zong Hello Monthly Call Package Rs170 100 On-net Minutes daily+100 SMS daily, 1MB data 30Days Dial *6464# Dial *6464#
Zong Monthly Unlimited Call Package Rs255 Unlimited Minutes 30Days Type PK30 and send it to 522 Type unsub and send it to 522
Zong All-in-One Monthly 500 Package Rs500 2000 On-net Minutes+150 Off-net minutes, 2000 SMS, 2000MB, 2GB for WhatsApp 30Days Dial *6464#, select 4, then press2 Dial *6464# press 4 press 2 and select 3
Zong All-in-On Monthly 599 Package Rs599 Unlimited calls+500 SMS daily, 2GB internet data 30Days Type home1 and send it to 6565 Dial *6464#, Press 4, press 2 and select 3
Zong All-in-One Monthly 799 Package Rs799 Unlimited Calls+500 SMS daily, 4GB internet data 30Days Type “home2” and send it to 6565 Dial *6464#
Zong Shandaar Mahana Package Rs300 1000 On-net Minutes+1000 On-net Minutes100 Off-net Minutes, 1000 SMS, 1000MBs 30Days dial *1000# Type unsub Mahana  after send it to 7091
Zong Supreme Offer Rs799 4000 On-net Minutes+300 Off-net Minutes, 4000 SMS, 4000MBs, 4GB for WhatsApp 30Days Dial *3030# Type unsub 750 and send it to 6464
Zong Supreme Plus New offer Rs1299 10,000 On-net Minutes+10,000 SMS, 1000MB, 600 off-net Minutes, 4GB for WhatsApp 30Days Dial *6464# *6464#


  • Weekly Offer subscriber will get an additional incentive of 150 SMS/day
  • Monthly Offer subscribers will also get 500 SMS/day
  • Daily Offer subs will get 1 MB mobile internet
  • Calls to other local/international networks will be charged as per customer’s package planZong Unlimited Offers are auto-renewable To deactivate, simply SMS “unsub” to 522PKR 0.15 is applicable as call setup charges.

Zong Postpaid Call Packages

Agr ap zong ka Postpaid customer hai tu ye offers apka liye hain zong apny postpaid customers ko bhot achy packages provide karta hai
Z300 Rs300+Tax 500 Free On-Net Minutes 100 Off-Net Minutes 500 SMS 1GB Internet 30Days Dial 310 Zong
Z500 Rs500+Tax 1500 Free On-Net Minutes 250 Off-Net Minutes 1000 SMS 2GB Internet 30Days Dial 310 zong
Z900 Rs900+Tax Unlimited Free On-Net Minutes 500 Off-Net Minutes 2000 SMS 4GB Internet 30Days Dial 310 zong
Z1500 Rs1500+Tax Unlimited Free On-Net Minutes 800 Off-Net Minutes 4000 SMS 8GB Internet 30Days Dial 310 zong
Z3000 Rs3000+Tax Unlimited Free On-Net Minutes 1200 Off-Net Minutes 5000 SMS 25.6GB Internet 30Days Dial 310 zong

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